• Jimmy Fallon's video for "Idiot Boyfriend" could be his best work. 1 / 9

    jimmy fallon idiot boyfriend TLDR vertical
  • Fallon got his start as a performer on SNL, where he was famous for breaking character during sketches. 2 / 9

    snl twin bed jimmy fallon TLDR vertical
  • He left the show to pursue a movie career, including action comedy Taxi. 3 / 9

    taxi 2005 poster TLDR vertical
  • He eventually found his niche with hosting, and currently fronts The Tonight Show. 4 / 9

    Jimmy Fallon Vertical
  • "Idiot Boyfriend" came from his 2002 album The Bathroom Wall. 5 / 9

    jimmy fallon bathroom wall album TLDR vertical
  • The video finds him as a boyfriend meeting his partner's family, and performing a cringey song. 6 / 9

    zooey idiot boyfriend TLDR vertical
  • The song is a Prince parody where Fallon does well with the high notes, and its a comic gem. 7 / 9

  • Zooey Deschanel (New Girl) played Fallon's girlfriend in the video. 8 / 9

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