DC Pays Comic Creator More Than Marvel Films Combined

Anatoli Knyazev aka KGBeast in Batman v Superman

DC and Marvel have always taken different approaches to how they handle comics. As both companies work to craft film and television universes based off of their characters and stories, it's no surprise that the same holds true on the screen. While Marvel was the first to introduce the idea of a shared cinematic universe, DC and Warner Bros have followed suit in the past few years in an effort to create their roster of Justice Leaguers. So far, the results have produced Man of SteelBatman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Suicide Squad, with Wonder Woman and Justice League coming later this year and Aquaman arriving in 2018.

The success of their next three films will likely decide whether plans for The Flash, Cyborg, SHAZAM!, Black Adam, and Green Lantern Corps move forward, but many of those movies are probably safe. All three DCEU movies to date have been hits at the box office and garnered their own dedicated fans, even though critics have remained unimpressed. Still, DC hasn't been able to touch Marvel with regard to fan acclaim, who's been making Disney very happy they purchased the company. Despite the fact that Marvel regularly scores higher at the box office, it looks like the distinguished competition are more generous with their earnings.

Comic legend Jim Starlin took to his Facebook today to let fans know that DC had just given him a sizable payout due to his character KGBeast being featured in Batman V Superman.

Though he's not referred to as KGBeast in the movie, Callan Mulvey plays Anatoli Knyazev in the film. His role is fairly sizable, as he's the main henchman Lex Luthor employs. Though he meets a fiery end, his inclusion and screentime added up to what seems to be a large payday for Starlin. Though we don't know the exact amount, it's interesting to hear that it tops what the creator has received from Marvel due to his work.

Starlin is responsible for the creation of not only Thanos, but Gamora and Drax. As such, it would seem he'd be entitled to an even larger payout from Marvel given the combined screen time and success of those characters. In fact, all three characters' exposure on the big screen has been followed by lots of new comics and merchandise from Marvel, as they've all benefited from an expanded profile. It's disappointing to hear that Marvel doesn't seem to pay creators as well as DC, and this information will likely only serve to further divide fans of both publishers. Still, without any concrete numbers, it's hard to make a full assessment.

We'll bring you any more news that emerges regarding the subject, so stay tuned.

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Source: Jim Starlin

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