Jim Starlin Shoots Down Reports of Another of His Characters Appearing in Avengers 4

Jim Starlin has clarified reports indicating that another of his characters will appear in Avengers 4. It was reported back in May that more of Starlin’s characters might be appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon, but that seems to not actually be the case. While the comic legend clarified his previous statements, nothing is ever a sure thing for long in the MCU. 

Stan Lee is often the center of attention when talking about influential comic book writers, but Starlin is deservedly famous in his own right. With Thanos acting as the antagonist in Avengers: Infinity War, it is safe to say that Thanos is probably Starlin’s most successful creation. Besides the Mad Titan, Starlin has also created the characters Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, and Pip the Troll for Marvel, among others. While all of these characters had their spotlight in the pages of Marvel comic books, Thanos, Gamora, and Drax are now some of Starlin’s most well-known creations due to their inclusion in the MCU. While three of his characters have already been seen on the big screen, some reports surfaced claiming that more would be featured in Avengers 4. These reports were often taken as fact even though Starlin never directly commented on the subject, but he has now. 

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In a post on Facebook, Starlin commented on the reports that have been spiraling out of control about his involvement with Avengers 4. When talking about his comments he made during a Q&A at Puerto Rico Comic-Con, Starlin stated, “Last month at a con in Puerto Rico it came up in the Q&A that I received two credits in the Avengers The Infinity War. I then kidded that I was going to shoot for three in the next movie. I never said another of my characters is going to be appearing in it as has been widely reported since then”. Fans may have taken his words out of context out of excitement for a highly anticipated film, but Starlin has now set the record straight. Notably, his math seems to be slightly off, as three of his characters appeared in Infinity War, not two.

With Thanos being well-received in Infinity War, Marvel may well be planning to adapt more of Starlin's many characters in upcoming films. Even though his involvement in the MCU has been somewhat recent, Starlin has been involved in the comic world since the early 70s working for both Marvel and DC. Thus, the man still has a wealth of characters that Marvel Studios could eventually opt to draw from for future MCU films.

Starlin may have clarified that getting more “created by” credits in Avengers 4 was more of a joke than anything else, but one never knows when more of his comic characters may make their way to the big screen. The possibilities for the MCU going forward are essentially limitless. Still, what happened to Starlin just goes to show how easily it can be for the intent behind a quote to be misinterpreted, especially when learned of secondhand.

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