What Happened To Jim & Pam After The Office Ended

The Office Jim and Pam

What happened to Jim and Pam Halpert after The Office ended? The characters were portrayed by John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer in all nine seasons of the NBC sitcom. Many viewers have wondered what happened to the couple after The Office concluded in 2013.

Jim and Pam were one of the most popular couples in TV history. Since the very first season of The Office, the audience was invested in their friendship. It was clear from the beginning that the co-workers had chemistry but Pam's engagement to Roy crushed the hope that she and Jim would be together. As time went on, the will-they-won't-they situation deepened until Jim and Pam finally announced their relationship in season 4. They later got married and went on to have two children, Cecilia and Philip.

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In season 9, a rift started to grow between the married couple, stemming from Jim's decision to work at a sports marketing company, Athlead, in Philadelphia. He remained at Dunder Mifflin part-time, but the time he invested with his other job put a strain on the marriage. The tension was also caused by Jim's secrets and unappreciative attitude toward Pam. By the end of the series, Jim and Pam's marriage went back on track after they both came clean and made sacrifices. Pam secretly put their house on the market so the family could move to Austin, giving Jim a chance to get his job back with Athlead (now called Athleap). But following the events of the series finale, nothing is known regarding the fate of Jim and Pam.

Jim and Pam on The Office

Many viewers believed that Jim and Pam were heading for divorce throughout The Office season 9. Some even argued that the final season proved that the pair don't belong together. Considering the couple went through counseling and found ways to better share their feelings, it seemed more likely that they would have stayed together for the long-term. Moving to Texas was a major step, one that Pam wouldn't have agreed to if she still had doubts. Jim was ecstatic about the prospect of getting back to Athlead and it would have given him the career change that he so desperately needed. Due to Jim's job stability, it would have been possible that Pam investigated new career opportunities in the art field, something she always dreamed of. But there's no doubt that they would have frequently visited their friends and family in Scranton.

There's always a chance that the fate of Jim and Pam will be revealed if a revival of The Office ever comes into fruition. The rumors surrounding the reboot have been swirling for years and have ramped up due to The Office's popularity through Netflix and syndication. Many cast members have publicly stated that they would be interested in reprising their roles, including Krasinski and Fischer. Although it doesn't seem likely in the near future, NBC is presumably keeping the idea on the backburner.

Since The Office ended in 2013, both Krasinski and Fischer have kept their acting careers going strong. Krasinski appeared in a number of movies which notably includes the 2018 horror hit, A Quiet Place, a movie that he also directed. He also stars in the lead role of Amazon's Jack Ryan series. Fischer has worked on a multitude of projects. Most recently, she appeared as a lead in ABC's sitcom Splitting Up Together but the series was cancelled in May after two seasons.

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