Justice League: Jim Lee Says Zack Snyder Wasn't Fired

Despite some reports to the contrary, Jim Lee has stated Zack Snyder wasn't fired from Justice League. Following production on Man Of Steel, Warner Bros selected Zack Snyder to oversee their burgeoning DC Extended Universe. The filmmaker would direct Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and a planned two-part Justice League movie, in addition to producing and advising on movies like Wonder Woman.

Snyder's dark, violent vision for Batman V Superman saw the film receive a critical backlash, and rumors emerged suggesting the studio was concerned about the direction the franchise was moving in. Snyder moved straight into directing the now single part Justice League, but it was announced in May 2017 the director stepped aside from the project due to a personal tragedy. Joss Whedon was brought onboard to complete the film while staying true to Snyder's vision, but it was clear watching the final product the film was an awkward mash-up between the two differing styles of both filmmakers.

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Rumors emerged earlier this year suggesting Snyder had actually been fired after delivering an 'unwatchable' first cut of Justice League. This isn't the case according to Jim Lee, DC Entertainment's Co-Publisher. Lee recently appeared at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, and according to a breakdown of the panel from Reddit (via CBR), Lee insisted in response to a fan question that Snyder chose to step away from the project to be with his family.

Following the release of Justice League, fans of the director have insisted Warner Bros release his original cut of the movie. Some substantial changes were made to the narrative when Joss Whedon took over, including almost every scene involving Superman; this can clearly be seen from the distracting CG used to cover actor Henry Cavill's mustache in most of his scenes. Reports vary on just how complete Snyder's cut was but given the fact the movie is currently the lowest-grossing of the DCEU the studio is unlikely to want to revisit it in the near future.

That said, Snyder himself seems to be actively fanning the flames for his cut of Justice League, posting images from deleted scenes and answering fan queries on his Vero account. Storyboard artist Jay Oliva recently revealed the filmmaker had a five-movie arc in mind, with his cut of Justice League being the third entry. His vision for the DCEU is almost certainly scrapped now, however, with the studio focusing on other projects including Birds Of Prey and the untitled Joker movie. It's also been suggested Warner Bros want to extend Henry Cavill's contract, and have Superman be a connective character throughout their future movies.

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Source: Reddit (via CBR)

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