CBS Orders Pilot From Jim Gaffigan and 'Rescue Me' Co-Creator Peter Tolan

CBS has ordered a pilot from comedian Jim Gaffigan and 'Rescue Me' co-creator Peter Tolan loosely based on Gaffigan's life.

Though the 2012 fall TV season has only just begun, many of the popular networks are already thinking about the future, securing projects that might end up on their schedule in the years to come. So far we've heard about a new show from Community's Donald Glover, a dark comedy from Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter, and most importantly the new S.H.I.E.L.D. series at ABC, just to name a few.

The newest in the long line of upcoming TV series is a production at CBS that would be written by comedian Jim Gaffigan and Rescue Me co-creator Peter Tolan. The yet to be titled series would be produced by Tolan's production company Fedora Entertainment, and would be loosely based on Gaffigan's life. In the show the comedian will play a husband and father of five living in a small two-bedroom apartment in New York.

Deadline reports that, after garnering interest from multiple networks, the project landed at CBS who has issued a put pilot commitment to the series which all but guarantees it will make it to air. A put pilot means that unless the network (in this case CBS) airs at the least the pilot of a series, they will be forced to pay a nominal penalty.

But given Tolan's success with Rescue Me, and as a screenwriter, it wouldn't be surprising to see the series picked up anyways. Along with Rescue Me, Tolan has been responsible for successful TV and film comedies like Analyze This, The Larry Sanders Show, and Home Improvement.

Tolan's recent television work has tended to focus on a close working relationship between himself and comedian Denis Leary. Obviously that partnership hit its apex with the aforementioned Rescue Me, but the two also teamed up for the short-lived cop comedy The Job. Though his current relationship with Leary appears to have ended with the Rescue Me series finale, he could now be starting up something new with Gaffigan.

Gaffigan, on the other hand, has made several appearances in film and TV - mostly in one-off roles or as secondary characters. His longest stint on TV came with TBS' My Boys, in which he starred as the main character's brother.

In addition to capturing Gaffigan's experience living with a large family (he has two sons, two daughters, and a child on the way), we wouldn't be surprised if this show featured some of the comedian's most talked about skits - such as his diatribe about Hot Pockets.


Source: Deadline

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