Jim Carrey French Comedy 'Pierre Pierre' Lands Financing

There's been discussion in recent months about Jim Carrey revisiting some of his most lucrative comedy roles from years past, with sequels such as Dumb and Dumber 2 and Bruce Almighty 2. However, it looks like the 50-year-old, rubber-faced (former?) blockbuster comedian is instead moving ahead next with an original project, titled Pierre Pierre.

Fox originally acquired the Pierre Pierre spec script and had Oscar-nominee Jason Reitman (Juno, Young Adult) lined up to direct, but the studio dropped out after Reitman moved on to other projects. Frequent Sacha Baron Cohen collaborator Larry Charles (Borat, Brüno) came onboard thereafter, but the film ended up being stalled - due to a lack of funding to cover its planned $20 million budget.

Screen Daily is reporting that Pierre Pierre now has the necessary financing to cover its new budget of $30 million, which has been inflated in order to compensate for the "strong supporting cast" of European and U.S. actors who are being sought to playing supporting roles in the Carrey vehicle. The casting process shouldn't take too long, seeing how the film is set to begin shooting (primarily, in Germany) by Summer 2012.

Charles will be working from a Pierre Pierre script penned by relative unknown screenwriting duo Edwin Cannistraci and Frederick Seton. The comedy revolves around "a self-indulgent French nihilist" (Carrey) who comes up with a "fail-safe" plan that will finally allow him to move out of his parent's house: steal the Mona Lisa from the Louvre and make a tidy profit by selling it - presumably, either on the black market or for ransom money.

With Charles calling the shots behind the camera, Pierre Pierre should play out as a broadly-sketched, non-PC laughfest with satirical elements that poke fun at European intellectuals of various shades. It's also probably safe to assume Carrey will be boasting a French accent that's about as convincingly authentic as Steve Martin's in the Pink Panther remake.

We leave it to you to decide whether or not Pierre Pierre already sounds like your cup of (comedy) tea, based on that preliminary description.

Source: Screen Daily

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