Jigsaw Trailer: The Saw Franchise is Back from the Dead

The first trailer for the sequel/reboot Jigsaw has arrived. Like many of the most iconic and long-lasting horror franchises, Saw was never foreseen as being a big hit. Made for only $1.2 million, Saw was the feature directing debut of modern horror master James Wan, and proceeded to make Lionsgate over $100 million worldwide. Naturally, a parade of sequels followed, most of them released just in time for Halloween. All in all, the Saw franchise has so far hauled in a gargantuan $873 million worldwide, all on budgets of $20 million or less.

Despite all that success, the last few Saw entries saw a noticeable drop in both box office and fan interest, with some even regarding 2010's Saw 3D: The Final Chapter as one of the lower points of the entire franchise. At that point, putting the series on ice for awhile seemed like a good move. In the years since though, reboots and revivals of old franchises have become more and more popular in Hollywood, making it not too surprising that Lionsgate eventually got around to dusting off the old pig mask and resurrecting Saw.

Today, Lionsgate unleashed the first trailer for Saw's big return on the masses, simply titled Jigsaw. Sure to be a nostalgia overload for Saw fans, the trailer features the voice of John "Jigsaw" Kramer (Tobin Bell) prominently, despite the character having been dead since 2006's Saw III. Also featured are numerous insane looking death traps, cops utterly mystified as to how Jigsaw's games are continuing, and a triumphant arrival of Jigsaw's infamous tricycle-riding puppet avatar Billy. Check out the trailer above.

As made clear in the above trailer, Jigsaw's central mystery revolves around two deceptively simple questions. First, is Jigsaw somehow back from the dead? Secondly, if he's not, who has taken up his mantle this time? The answer to the first question is probably a resounding no, as despite being a horror franchise, Saw has never involved the supernatural. If John Kramer were to somehow rise from the grave, most fans would probably respond with an eye roll at what the franchise had come to.

With that in mind, answering that second question will be much harder. As said in the trailer, the new Jigsaw has gone as far as somehow getting John Kramer's DNA under the fingernails of the latest victims. That's next-level dedication to making the cops believe that Kramer is somehow back. The obvious suspects would be his prior apprentices Detective Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) and Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes), but both actors have been confirmed as not returning. Whoever ends up orchestrating the deadly games this time out, one thing is for sure: oh yes, there will be blood.

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Source: Lionsgate

Key Release Dates
  • Jigsaw/Saw 8 release date: Oct 27, 2017
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