WATCH: Jigsaw Hides His Scars During Therapy Session in Punisher Season 2 Clip

A new clip for The Punisher season 2 shows Jigsaw (Ben Barnes) hiding his scars during a therapy session. Frank Castle's friend-turned-enemy Billy Russo first appeared in season 1 of The Punisher, and while Barnes was a recurring character on the show, he looks to be a main villain in season 2 - but not the only villain - who comic book fans will recognize as Jigsaw.

In the first season of The Punisher, it was established that Russo was a close friend of Castle's after they met while serving their country in the Marine Corps. The two had differing moral codes after they joined the Cerberus Squad, which put soldiers to work by taking out high-value targets. Eventually, Russo was ordered to kill Castle, which ended in a brutal fight in the season 1 finale. In their last battle, Castle and Russo went head-to-head and Castle repeatedly slammed Russo's face into a glass mirror, leaving his face permanently disfigured - hence the name Jigsaw. The end of season 1 saw Russo recovering in a hospital after eleven hours of surgery with bandages wrapped around his head. Now in a new clip, Russo seems to be recovering from his wounds, but is still trying to hide his scars.

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On the Netflix YouTube channel, Russo can be seen hiding his scars by wearing a plain white mask while talking with a therapist. The therapist says that decorating the mask sometimes helps her other TBI (traumatic brain injury) patients and that she thinks it could help him too. Russo seems to think the idea is a waste of time, and the clip ends with the therapist asking him, "What face do you want the world to see?". The full clip can be seen below:

Thanks to Russo's facial scars, the character is going to be much more recognizable as the classic Punisher villain named Jigsaw. That said, Barnes has stated before that his character won't specifically be referred to as Jigsaw, but that Russo's mind is actually the jigsaw, given his extensive memory loss. Dominic West previously portrayed Jigsaw in the 2008 film Punisher: War Zone, and this version of Jigsaw has been compared to West's version of the character.

With the release date for season 2 just around the corner, Netflix is no doubt trying to get people excited for the return of The Punisher. So far, they have released a few teaser trailers for The Punisher season 2, while also confirming a release date at the end of January. Even though other Netflix superhero shows have been canceledThe Punisher has grown a huge fan base ever since the character first appeared in season 2 of Daredevil. Since season 2 of The Punisher will not only include Frank Castle, but also include one of his most iconic supervillains, Netflix will likely have a solid audience tune in once it starts streaming.

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The Punisher season 2 premieres Friday, January 18 on Netflix.

Source: Netflix

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