Billy the Puppet Looks More Menacing Than Ever In New Jigsaw Poster

Saw - Jigsaw

A new poster for Jigsaw puts the focus on menacing puppet Billy. This Halloween brings us the first Saw film in seven years, following up the so-called Saw: The Final Chapter, returning die-hard fans to the film series and asking new ones if they want to "play a game".

Tobin Bell's eponymous serial killer John Kramer died in the third film, with the four follow-ups chronicling the work of his apprentices Amanda Young and Mark Hoffman. Jigsaw's legacy is clearly a lasting one, as the new film introduces another copycat obsessed with the same iconography.

This is highlighted in the new Japanese poster. Featuring an unbelievably creepy image of Billy - one of the most striking images of the franchise - obscured by glass, the poster is simple and to the point.

All of the trailers and posters have gone to great effort to make clear the games are far from over. In the ultimate "reboot" of the franchise someone has picked up the notorious serial killer's mantle and everything that comes with it; from the pig mask Kramer and his apprentices used to hide their identities to the Billy puppet.

It makes sense for the reboot to lean on these elements given how recognizable they are to even casual fans at this point, especially in teaser marketing like this. However, if Jigsaw is to be a proper hit it'll need to offer something fresh. We already know there are some flinch-worthy traps, but hopefully the story can also match the incessant twisting of the original series.

But what could that be? Surely it's the identity of this copycat - just because someone is using the Jigsaw images doesn't mean a return to John Kramer's actual games. The identity is set to be the big reveal of the film, but how does it connect to Tobin Bell's original character?

Whatever the case, it's in the right hands. With films like Daybreakers and the Undead under their belt, directors the Spierig Brothers have proven themselves as skilled with dramatic character-driven horror films. The Saw movies are gory, sure, but their story is what made them such a consistent success.

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  • Jigsaw/Saw 8 release date: Oct 27, 2017
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