Jigsaw Launches 'All Types Welcome' Blood Drive Tie-In

Jigsaw Blood Drive

Jigsaw comes to cinemas next month, and to mark the release a tie-in "All Types Welcome" blood drive is being run. Saw: The Final Chapter proved to be not-so-final, and while the return of the torture porn franchise mainly means more sadistic traps and horrifying deaths, it also brings with it some humanitarian initiatives.

Ever since the series' breakout smash in 2004, the Saw film franchise has paired its body horror with activism counter to the movies' tone, encouraging people to donate blood. The initiative has always been a twist on John Kramer and his hope that his tests would teach people to cherish their lives. Begun in 2004 and held for each one of the franchise's releases, the blood drive returns this year - with a progressive twist.

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For Jigsaw, an "All Types Welcome" blood drive campaign will be focused on encouraging everyone to get involved while highlighting the stigma against gay and bisexual men from donating blood. Eight prominent social media stars with have large gay, bisexual, and transgender fanbases will be at the forefront of the campaign and have released Saw-style promo shots in unique costumes that range from the seemingly normal to the macabre. Fans who donate will get a free ticket to see the film.

According to the FDA, prior to 2015, gay and bisexual individuals were not able to donate blood at all. Currently, members of the LGBT community have to abstain from sexual activity for a year prior to donating. A number of HIV and LGBT rights activists have spoken out against the FDA for perpetuating stigma against these marginalized communities. While fans of the horror franchise must comply with all FDA regulations in regards to donating blood, by raising awareness of this very important issue Saw hopes to help reduce stigma against members of the LGBT community.

It's impressive to see a franchise with such a storied history looking to give back and raise awareness. At the core of Jigsaw's philosophy is a desire to make the world better, and while Jigsaw himself has corrupted that philosophy, many others can use it to do something better.

Source: Jigsaw Blood Drive

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Key Release Dates
  • Jigsaw/Saw 8 release date: Oct 27, 2017
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