Jigsaw Pics From Punisher: Warzone

So there've been a lot of rumors surrounding Punisher: War Zone. Everything from day one script problems to rumors of the director being fired and even talk of the finished movie being as horrendous as the heavy metal soundtrack.

This overwhelming flood of rumors has effectively drowned out the usual questions we hear about comic book movies: Is the lead actor/actress doing right by the character? Is the director being faithful to the source material? Is the film more Dark Knight (gritty, real) or more Iron Man (tongue-and-cheek fun)? And of course, in this post-Joker era we must ask how good is the villain going to be?

To answer that question Screen Rant got a hold of the latest pictures of War Zone's main villain, the deformed gangster known as Jigsaw (The Wire's Dominic West). And we're delving into the 1,000 words about the character that the pictures are worth. Check it out.

Jigsaw admires his pretty face

Don't eat dinner with Jigsaw if you like breathing

The first thing I notice about these (and all pics from Punisher: War Zone) is that the color scheme seems wrong. Like the characters are trapped inside a Marylin Manson video instead of the gritty (and realistic) urban terrain that the Punisher stalks.

The second thing I'm noticing is that, despite the fact that this is a Punisher movie, the filmmakers seem to have gone the Iron Man route of keeping things tongue-in-cheek - at least as far as the villain is concerned. Because if that Jigsaw "makeup" they've got on my boy McNulty (West) is supposed to be anything else besides wink, wink, funny... then someone in the makeup department needs to get their ass kicked. Jigsaw looks like a cross between James Cagney and the 1930's creature-feature version of Quasimodo after a drunken brawl. Definitely not winning any awards for that makeup work.

But how is West going to play Jigsaw? After hearing the line in the trailer "Gather your army!" something tells me that West is going to take this role a teeny-weeny bit over the top, rather than play it straight-faced twisted like Heath Ledger did with the Joker in The Dark Knight. In other words: don't expect Jigsaw to live on in your memory more than five minutes after you're out of the theater. Hate to be Debbie-Downer, but I calls 'em like I sees 'em.

What about you, though? Do you think that Dominic West is going to bring the necessary acting chops to make Jigsaw a villain for the ages? Are you still holding on to the hope that Punisher: War Zone is going to the movie that finally does right by the one comic book character whose story should be the easiest to translate to film? Or is the Punisher forever doomed to be damaged goods? Let us know what you think.

Source: Latino Review

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