Does Jigsaw Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Saw is back! But is Jigsaw springing the ultimate trap and forcing you to sit through an obnoxiously long cast and crew reel for no post-credits scene payoff?

The franchise has been away for seven years, but now Saw 8 has finally arrived. It's a proper legacy-quel, one that deals with the fundamentals of what made John Kramer tick and the long-standing influence his once-annual torture porn exercises had on a populace. And, of course, it has the series' requisite shocking twist (and, trust us, it's a mind-bender) - but does it go one further and include a post-credits tease?

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Does Jigsaw Have A Post-Credits Scene?

Saw - Jigsaw

As already mentioned, Jigsaw has very long credits for a film that cost just $10 million. And you shouldn't have to sit through it all: Jigsaw doesn't have a post-credits scene.

To be fair, this shouldn't be too surprising to fans of the series. Saw's never gone in for post-credits stinger (Saw VI added on for the director's cut on home video), in part because it started before the foreshadowing trend was really kicked off with Iron Man, but really because the franchise always wanted to leave fans stunned by its resolute twist, something more footage would undo.

Does Jigsaw Set Up A Sequel?

The reason there's no post-credits scene, however, may also be because Jigsaw isn't trying too hard to overtly set up a sequel. Without spoilers, this really does try to serve as a standalone follow-up, exploring Kramer's legacy in a way that would be hard to continue. That said, people made similar assessments of all the previous films, so that's not exactly fuel against it. Indeed, the ending of the film does leave room for more carnage in some form.

Of course, whether Jigsaw 2 (or Saw 9) happens depends less on story concerns than it does box office. Saw's always been dependable due to its low budget and high teenage appeal and early predictions have Jigsaw winning the weekend, although we've seen similar returns of 2000s hits like Rings fail so it's not a sure-fire bet. If the movie does hit #1 though, brace for a sequel announcement.

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Key Release Dates
  • Jigsaw/Saw 8 release date: Oct 27, 2017
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