Current Photo of Jet Li Sparks Concern About the Actor’s Health

Jet Li in Fearless

Fans of martial artist and actor Jet Li are worried about his health. A photo has been revealed that depicts the actor looking aged and frail, despite appearing relatively healthy not too long ago. The actor previously revealed ongoing struggles with chronic health issues, worsening the fear over the recent photo.

In 2013, Jet Li revealed his struggle with hyperthyroidism and a heart condition. He had also suffered severe injuries to his legs and spine while filming his many action films. This left him with the inability to stand for long periods of time without hunching due to pain. Li revealed that his doctor had once warned him to refrain from filming action movies, stating that he would eventually end up in a wheelchair.

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The photo of Jet Li in Tibet was released on Twitter by user @StxNaty. The post indicated that Li's thin and hunched look in the photo is due to his illness. Reactions have been scattered. Many have begun to fear for Li's health, indicating that the 55-year-old actor looks 20-30 years older, per THR. Others simply refused to believe that the man in the photo was, in fact, Jet Li. CLICK HERE to see the photo.

Jet Li with Sword in Battle During Hero Film

However, a couple people have suggested that perhaps Li looks the way he does for his role in the upcoming live-action Mulan film, using an earlier video from this year as evidence that Li was looking healthy just a few months ago. Check out a few screenshots from that video by CLICKING HERE, which was initially posted on April 1 (via @fang38777456).

The suggestion that Li looks frail for his Disney role makes a decent amount of sense. When looking at the two posts above, the first one does make Li look elderly and thin. But he is also in bright sunlight and wearing slimming black clothing, as well as an oversized vest, that could add to the illusion of him being thin. The second post shows a series of photos where Li looks much healthier and younger, as well. Even the gray hair, which is prominent in the first picture, is a lot less noticeable in the second post. While some gray hair is still, obviously, present, there's a lot more color evident in those photos.

Since he has slowed his Hollywood career, Li has turned his focus to charity work. He helped to develop The One Foundation, which works with children's welfare in China and disaster relief following his own experience with the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Li is also a devout Buddhist, he credits his religion with helping him through his health issues. While the recently released photo is sparking concern amongst his fans worldwide, his health may not be the actual reason he looks that way.

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Sources: THR, @StxNaty

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