Jessica Lange Returning for American Horror Story: Apocalypse

Jessica Lange in American Horror Story

Jessica Lange will be making her return to American Horror Story in the upcoming season. The horror anthology series will be making its return this September on FX, with the newest installment subtitled Apocalypse. The show has told a separate story every season, but this time around, characters from the first season (subtitled Murder House) and the third season (Coven) will make their return in Apocalypse.

Jessica Lange was a standout star during the first four seasons of American Horror Story. Her performances in each season garnered an Outstanding Lead Actress Emmy nomination, and she won the award twice for her work in Murder House and Coven. Despite being critically acclaimed, Lange decided to part ways with the show after its fourth season, feeling that it was “natural” to leave when she did. However, it now appears that she's back on board for Apocalypse.

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According to Variety, Lange will be reprising her role of Constance Langdon, a character from Murder House, in the new season. The news was broken by co-star Sarah Paulson during the American Horror Story panel at this year’s Television Critics Association Press Tour. It's not clear how large of a role Constance will have in the upcoming season, but she's not expected to be the lead, as showrunner Ryan Murphy has confirmed that Paulson, Kathy Bates and Evan Peters will have the lead roles.

Jessica Lange

Lange’s Constance will not be the only character returning from a previous season. Paulson will be reprising her role of the witch, Cordelia, “The Supreme,” from Coven, as well as her character Billie Dean from Murder House. Emma Roberts will once again portray Madison Montgomery from Coven. The character Michael Langdon, who was the antichrist baby born at the end of Murder House, will return as a young adult, played by Cody Fern (American Crime Story). Actor/comedian Billy Eichner will also make a return to the series this season in an unspecified role.

Having Lange back on the series will certainly be welcomed by fans and critics alike. Creator Ryan Murphy had previously expressed his desire to see Lange return, but up until now, it seemed to be only a wish. It'll be interesting to learn why Lange decided to come back after her hiatus, especially given her repeated statements that she was done with the show for good. One wonders if she'll also sneak in a quick appearance as her Coven character Fiona Goode. Fiona ended Coven by dying and going to hell, but death has never kept a character down before on this show.

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American Horror Story: Apocalypse premieres September 12 on FX.

Source: Variety

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