Jessica Jones: 'The Whizzer' is a Real Marvel Superhero

Jessica Jones - The Whizzer

Jessica Jones season 2 kicks off with Jessica searching for new cases, and one of the strays that comes to the door is a man called Robert Coleman (Jay Klaitz), who claims to have super-speed (but only when he's scared), and who goes by the superhero name "The Whizzer." This being a Marvel show, many are probably wondering if the Whizzer is actually a real superhero from the comics and the answer is yes, of course he is.

The Whizzer has actually been around for almost as long as Captain America, debuting in the pages of U.S.A. Comics #1 with a mighty SOCKO as he knocks out a group of bad guys. In the comics, the Whizzer's real name is Robert Frank, the son of scientist Dr. Emil Frank. While the two of them were traveling in the jungle, Robert fell ill with a fever and was about to be attacked by a snake, when suddenly he was rescued by the timely intervention of a mongoose. Dr. Frank gave Robert a transfusion of blood from the mongoose, and while it's unclear why he thought it would be good a idea to inject a human with animal blood, the transfusion works! Not only does Robert recover from his fever, he also gets the speed of the mongoose.

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Unfortunately, the strain of rescuing his son overcomes Dr. Frank, and he dies shortly after Robert wakes up. Before he dies, however, he tells his son that because of the blood of the mongoose he is going to be "different than other men... a regular whizzer." Thus, Whizzer was given his superhero moniker, and made the rather unfortunate choice to wear a yellow superhero costume.

Marvel Comics - The Whizzer first appearance

Whizzer was featured regularly in Golden Age Marvel comics of the 1940s, but unlike some of his contemporaries, he didn't really stick around. When he later re-emerged, in the 1970s, it was revealed that he'd married Miss America and the two of them had a son - a mutant called Nuklo. However, less than a decade later Whizzer was written out of Marvel Comics again, perishing during a battle with the supervillain Isbisa.

In the show, Whizzer doesn't get his super-speed from mongoose blood, but rather as a result of the experiments conducted by IGH - the same experiments that give Jessica her super-strength. The show does, however, include a nod to his comic book origins: Robert Coleman has a pet mongoose called Emil.

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Jessica Jones seasons 1 and 2 are available now on Netflix.

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