Jessica Jones Offers Valentine's Day Advice on Twitter

The Jessica Jones Twitter account continues to pay dividends, this time tackling some relationship advice for Valentine's Day. When Marvel and Netflix launched Jessica Jones, they wisely decided the show's Twitter account would speak in the lead character's voice. The result has been plenty of great takes, trolls, and jokes that have inspired the other Defenders to step up. The Defenders often trade barbs on Twitter, though there's rarely an instance that doesn't see Jessica gain the upper hand. Naturally, the build up to season 2 has been no different.

The full trailer for Jessica Jones season 2 dropped last week and quickly outshone the crowded field of similar teasers. The show has routinely been the most praised and popular for Netflix and Marvel thanks to its unique lead (who is brought to life by Krysten Ritter). The series' focus on sexual assault and the aftermath of trauma has also helped elevate it beyond its peers, and season 2 will continue to explore Jessica's psyche and past - while doling out even more of her signature humor, of course.

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The Jessica Jones Twitter account has decided to take it upon itself to offer some "advice" on Valentine's Day (see the posts below). Of course, the recipients didn't ask for such insight - not that something like that would stop Jessica from voicing her opinion.

While there are only two entries into the #JJYourVDay campaign, stay tuned to the account today as it's sure to continue entertaining. Jessica Jones is not exactly a people person or someone who has trouble speaking her mind, so there's no limit to the brutal advice she can deliver. The tweets also help highlight that despite the intense material of Jessica Jones, the show still has a dark sense of humor that keeps it afloat.

The new season of Jessica Jones will drop on Netflix in less than a month, arriving on another holiday as it will buck the Friday tradition to hit International Women's Day. That's the same date that Captain Marvel hits theaters in 2019, though the latter will be debuting on the standard Friday. While the two Marvel projects are very different, they will both help continue to shape the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as its strives offer wider representation for people of different genders and races.

As we await the release of the new episodes, the latest Jessica Jones season 2 images proves things won't be getting any easier for the hero. Between tracking down clues to her past (and the origin of her powers) and dealing with the ghost of Kilgrave, Jessica will run afoul of the law. Of course, given her attitude in general, that's not really a surprise.

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Jessica Jones season 2 premieres Thursday, March 8 on Netflix. Premiere dates for the new seasons of Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist haven't been announced yet.

Source: Jessica Jones Twitter

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