Netflix Launches Jessica Jones Tumblr Full of Clapback GIFs

As the premiere date for Jessica Jones season 2 draws near, Netflix has launched a new Tumblr page dedicated to providing fans with all the sarcastic clapback GIFs they'll ever need. We last saw everybody’s favorite superpowered private investigator in last summer's big team-up series, The Defenders, where she was fighting alongside Daredevil, Luke Cage, and that guy that Netflix keeps referring to as Iron Fist. The heroes' big showdown against the Hand ended up being fairly underwhelming when all was said and done, leaving fan demand for a second season lacking. Jessica Jones' popularity, however, did not suffer the same fate.

After the first season of Jessica Jones debuted in November 2015 to critical acclaim, Netflix moved quickly to greenlight a second, waiting less than two months to make the official order. It's been a pretty lengthy wait for more solo adventures starring the most tortured PI in the biz, but as season 2's March 8th release date looms, the countdown has officially begun.

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In celebration of the hard-drinking hero's upcoming return to the small screen, Netflix has debuted a Tumblr page filled with GIFs starring the cast of Jessica Jones. The available categories are pretty fitting for the character, ranging from "Seriously?" to "I'll drink to that". The latter is a definite standout in terms of applicability (if you have a stressful life, that is), though a few of the categories definitely come up short. "No!" in particular contains six GIFs, almost all of which we can't imagine anyone using ever, and the "Whatever" category isn't much better.

Another slightly missed opportunity seems to arrive in the categories' cover images, several of which (namely "Seriously?") would make for excellent GIFs themselves, but are absent from their actual folders. Overall, it's certainly a creative and admirable effort, but we think you'll agree that the page could use a boost in the form of a few more actual reaction GIFs. Perhaps season 2 will provide and the page will soon be updated. Jessica Jones will be diving deep into her past in her second solo outing (and yep, Kilgrave will still be haunting her), but we're sure there will still be enough funny moments to go around.

What are you hoping to see in Jessica Jones season 2 when it's made available for streaming on March 8th? Sound off in the comments.

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Source: Tumblr

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