Jessica Jones Showrunner Talks Season 2

With Marvel's Jessica Jones season 2 confirmed, the showrunner and cast discuss possible directions for the characters.

Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones in Jessica Jones Season 1

[This article contains SPOILERS for Jessica Jones season 1.]


Marvel's Jessica Jones explored new ground in the superhero genre, focusing not on an up-and-coming hero but on someone who tried to be a hero and found out the hard way what can go wrong. Jessica brought a lot of baggage to the first season of the show, and it seemed to only get heavier as the season went on.

The second season of Jessica Jones was officially confirmed at the Television Critics Association's 2016 winter press tour. At the show's panel, showrunner Melissa Rosenberg and members of the cast discussed where Jessica was at the end of season 1 and where they hope to take the show in season 2, now that the ongoing adventures of Jessica Jones are officially on the table.

Speaking to reporters after the panel, Rosenberg discussed what she wants to do with season 2 of the show:

"I just want to continue with [Jessica's] character. She’s a very damaged character, her damage goes beyond Kilgrave. There’s a lot to mine from in her backstory and in her present day situation, so I think we’ll find something."

Jessica Jones season 2 Krysten Ritter Kilgrave

Rosenberg also discussed the character's comic book origin and the fact that much of the story of season 1 was mined from the Marvel Max series Alias. Though Jessica has been featured in other stories and was one of the main characters in The Pulse as well, Alias is still considered by many to be the definitive Jessica Jones book. Rosenberg hopes to continue using it for inspiration, saying, "I will always use as much as I can from the book," but acknowledging that it may not be possible to follow the comics closely as far as Jessica is concerned. She explained:

"Unfortunately, we’ve moved away from the mythology of the book. The MCU is very different from the comics in terms of its mythology. In the books there were things building towards Civil War and all that, and here that’s not the case. The nature of that is we’re probably not going to be able to continue to do parallel storylines, but I’ll always take as much as I can because it’s really just so good."

Others involved with the series also commented on season 2 as well, including star Krysten Ritter. In looking forward to Jessica's continuing journey and where the character is psychologically, Ritter had the following to say:

"For Jessica, that final moment, that victorious, triumphant moment when she killed Kilgrave, I found that very conflicting. He’s the reason why she got up every day. He’s the reason why she went out in the world, and it really gave her a purpose. I don’t think that the past trauma doesn’t go away with his death. Her head space is really complex."

Jessica Jones season 2 Rachel Taylor Trish Walker

Rachel Taylor, who played Jessica's best friend Trish (Patsy) Walker, was asked about her character and whether she thought that the character might assume her "Hellcat" alias from the comics moving forward. She stressed that they had just found out about the renewal earlier that day and didn't want to get ahead of herself, but eventually did relent and added:

"But, of course, it would be amazing! It’s already a privilege to play a history that has so much lineage within the Marvel universe and to take it that one step further, is something that, yeah… I’d love to get my teeth stuck into whatever happens to the character."

Fans are excited at the prospect of a second season, even though it's too early to know much of anything about it. With season 2 of Daredevil and the Luke Cage series both coming before it (and possibly Iron Fist and even The Defenders), there's a lot going on in the Netflix corner of the Marvel universe that could affect how season 2 of Jessica Jones plays out. There will likely be a lot of speculation about it as well, including some rereading of Alias issues to see if there are any plot points or characters that might find their way into the MCU once season 2 hits.

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Jessica Jones has been renewed for a second season, though a release date for the season is not yet known. Daredevil season 2 debuts on March 18, 2016, and Luke Cage is set for release later in the year. Iron Fist and Defenders are expected to premiere sometime in 2017.

Source: The Wrap

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