Jessica Jones: 10 Incredible Pieces Of Fan Art That Make Us Sad The Marvel Show Is Ending

It's closing time: Now that season three has dropped, the Netflix series Jessica Jones is officially over. The show hasn't been perfect--has been middling since season one, in fact--but that doesn't mean we're happy to see it go. Of all the Marvel/Netflix shows, this one had the most potential going in. It lovingly gave us one of the most dark-but-loveable heroes yet, and the most compelling villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: David Tennant's Kilgrave.

Everything good (or just okay) comes to an end. But we'll always have fan art, and the new season basically ensures that we'll be seeing a lot more in the weeks and months to come. Here are ten of our favorite pieces of amazing art featuring Jessica Jones.

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10 Jessica Jones, By VarshaVijayan

This vivid piece really captures the heart of the show. The bold use of purple echoes the color palette of the first season, and especially of The Purple Man (Kilgrave's name in the comics). We get a strong sense of Jessica's pain, but she also exists as a protector over the city. She has weathered some kind of battle, judging by the blood on her cheek. But below her, cars keep driving and life goes on. The city is safe for another night.

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VarshaVijayan focuses on portraits. Her gallery is full of our most beloved and familiar faces from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

9 Smile, Jessica, By staroski

This watercolor and ink piece by staroski is stunning. The presence of Kilgrave is spot on, harkening back to all the images of Kilgrave whispering in Jessica’s ear in the series. Jessica stares straight ahead, disengaged as he talks. It leads us to ask—is Kilgrave really there, or is this one of the times that Jessica is feeling haunted by the memory of him? 

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Staroski’s gallery contains portraits upon portraits of some of the most famous characters in history. Characters from Kick-Ass, Batman, Alice in Wonderland, and countless other works grace their page, all rendered in this beautiful style.

8 Jessica Jones, By Edward Pun

What a perfect encapsulation of this famous character! This flat digital portrait has echoes of the 1950s architectural Eames-Era illustration style in it, much like The Incredibles. In his gallery, Pun frequently plays with the flat globular shapes that make this portrait look so retro-hip. Keeping the bright flat colors, the bold circular shadows, and long straight lines call clearly back to the best of 1950s advertising.

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But Jessica is clearly not stuck in the 1950s here. Is she going to jump up and beat someone with that bottle of whiskey? Or is she going to finish it first? 

7 Smile - Jessica Jones, By kelvin8

Oof, this is a powerful poster that plays on the dangerous interactions between Purple Man/Kilgrave and Jessica Jones. That background swirl is reminiscent of how Kilgrave’s victims are almost mesmerized by his words, compelled to act out his commands. Jessica remains still calm and collected though, standing almost outside of his entrapping vortex. We know from this poster that she’s different, she stands apart. Kilgrave looks positively deranged, maybe because Jessica doesn’t seem to be falling into his trap. 

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Kelvin8’s gallery is overflowing with fantastic posters for Star Wars, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, and the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

6 Don’t Tell Me to Smile, By steevinlove

Is anything more infuriating than being told to smile, especially by someone you hate? Steevinlove does an amazing job of capturing the rage Jessica feels when Kilgrave tells her to smile. She seems to come out of the shadows, ready to throw some punches to protect herself—and all the rest of us. Just enough sex appeal to be entrancing, but we love that the focus is on her strength. If only we were all as strong as Jessica Jones! 

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Steevinlove’s gallery contains many portraits of female superheroes ready to kick some villain butt. Some of the content is a little mature, so be prepared!

5 Jessica Jones, By Fishmas

Fishmas’s collage-like portrait is a great capture for this show. We first meet Jessica when she’s photographing Luke Cage, and one of the key plot points of season 2 is finding out that Kilgrave has been having Malcolm obsessively photograph Jessica. This candid-style portrait is so reminiscent of the photos that Malcolm was taking, we wouldn’t be surprised if Kilgrave wanted it for his stalker wall!

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Fishmas's gallery has a matching portrait of Kilgrave, as well as a lot of delightful comic book style art. This artist explores so many art styles, we couldn’t help but get lost in their many fandom portraits.

4 Floorplan of JESSICA JONES office/apartment, By nikneuk

Who doesn’t love a really well-done floorplan of their favorite fictional spaces? This bird’s-eye view of Jessica’s Alias Investigations office/apartment is a replica in miniature. It must have taken so many rewatches to figure out exactly where everything goes, especially in Jessica’s unrealistically huge-for-New-York-City apartment. Clearly, it’s based on early episodes of season one, before the apartment was nearly destroyed during those final fights. 

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This artist, Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde, sells prints of floor plans from some of the best tv shows and movies, including Friends, Girls, The Flintstones, Up, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and so many more. 

3 Jessica Jones (2015) - TV Poster, By CAMW1N

This poster from 2015 captures exactly what that first season of Jessica Jones was about: a tough as nails woman introducing herself to the world. If you look behind our hero, the bar is in shambles: someone is unconscious on the ground to the left, and the lights on the back wall are all askew.

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And, of course, there’s the blood all over the Alias Investigations business card. Like all the work in their gallery, this poster by CAMW1N gives us a great feel for what we’re going to get into when we turn on Jessica Jones. The soft hazy style is downright beautiful too. 

2 Kill La Killgrave, By Isaia

Isaia went the mashup route—this Kill La Kill style illustration of the cast of Jessica Jones is an awesome homage to both series. We’re especially into how well this poster captures the personality of every single person the series. Trish looks appropriately worried for Jessica, while still learning forward like she wants to join the action. Jeri Hogarth is in the background looking dominating but also a little scary, perfectly asking the question: Is she a friend or foe? Luke Cage is ready to back Jessica up, but Kilgrave hovers above, dominating the whole party. 

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Isaia expertly explores anime-style art across several fandoms in their gallery. 

1 There Was a Jewel, By Dreamgate-Gad

In the comic books, before Alias Investigations Jessica Jones had a short career as a superhero named Jewel. In the Netflix series, we see that, early on, Trish Walker had made the Jewel costume for Jessica, hoping she would use her super strength to fight crime. Jessica hated the costume, saying "the only place anyone is wearing that is trick-or-treating, or as part of some kinky role-playing scenario.” But Trish’s superhero idea was planted, and it was because it that Jessica saved someone on the street…and met Kilgrave. 

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