Why Jessica Jones Won't Get A Season 4

Jessica Jones Season 4

Now that Jessica Jones season 3 has finally made it to Netflix, can fans expect to see Jessica Jones season 4 drop into their Netflix queues in the near future? Unfortunately, this is likely the end of the line for New York's smarmiest and most superpowered private investigator.

Jessica Jones focused on the titular character of private investigator Jessica Jones, a superhero attempting to repress her powers and painful memories of the past with alcohol and blinders on. Jessica was more comfortable burying herself in the problems of others until a sinister figure from her past entered back into her life, forcing her to confront her painful memories and atone for her sins. Over the course of three seasons, fans have watched Jessica develop, grow, and embrace her superhero side. As such, Netflix made sure to send her out on a high note.

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With Jessica Jones' cancellation confirmed and season 3 already on Netflix, what's next? Does Jessica Jones have any kind of a future? Let's look at what is known.

Jessica Jones Was Canceled Before Season 3 Release (Along With All Marvel Netflix Shows)

Jessica Jones Season 3 Ending Defenders

Jessica Jones was canceled in February 2019, making it one of the last of the five Marvel/Netflix series to get the boot from the streaming giant. It began when the least well-received series, Iron Fist, was canceled in October 2018. Luke Cage was canceled one week after Iron Fist, with Daredevil following shortly thereafter. The Punisher was canceled at the same time as Jessica Jones. It was confirmed at the time Jessica Jones season 3 would still air.

Jessica Jones' cancellation felt inevitable by the time it actually happened, coming on the heels of Disney's Disney+ announcement which confirmed original programming from corporate family companies including Marvel Studios would be developed. It was never explicitly stated at the time, but there is reason to believe the relationship between Netflix and Marvel went south when it became clear Marvel's parent company would be launching a competitive streaming service to Netflix. This could explain why Netflix dumped the series which sprang from the partnership in such rapid succession, despite nearly all of them having successful somewhat runs on Netflix.

Jessica Jones Season 3 Was The End

Rachael Taylor and Krysten Ritter in Jessica Jones Season 2

Given that Jessica Jones' Netflix story had ended for the foreseeable future, it made sure to go out on a strong note. There were plenty of loose ends to tie up in the series finale, which pulled double duty in acting as the final Marvel/Netflix episode and the final episode to feature any of the Marvel/Netflix characters. Jessica had to make the incredibly tough decision to turn against Trish, who went full brutal vigilante as Hellcat, turning her over to the authorities in charge of The Raft, the prison first introduced in Captain America: Civil WarJessica also decides to forgo escaping from her life in New York City by going to Mexico, returning instead to Alias Investigations and continue doing business. That's all there is of Jessica Jones.

Will Jessica Jones Have A Future Elsewhere?

Krysten Ritter Jessica Jones Season 3 Netflix

Disney won't be able to use any of the characters from the Marvel/Netflix partnership for two years. This not only benches the characters (Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil, The Punisher, and Iron Fist) for the short term, but it could bench them permanently. It's unlikely Disney will want to spend time and money reviving these shows when they have plenty of IP to develop and waiting in the wings to premiere.

It's unclear if these Marvel/Netflix characters, including Jessica Jones, will be able to go to another streaming service or network but it's worth preparing for the answering to be a resounding, "No way." Between the intricacies on contracts and negotiating which characters and stories can be developed where it's highly likely any or all of the characters from the Marvel/Netflix world will be persona non grata for the next two years. Even after that, it's tough to really predict if fans will ever see Jessica Jones on their TV screens again. Best start preparing for a permanent goodbye now.

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