Jessica Jones Season 3 Trailer Reveals Classic Marvel Comics Villain

Netflix releases the official trailer for Jessica Jones season 3, the final outing for the streaming giant's once-massive Marvel TV partnership. The announcement that Marvel TV would create four superhero shows and a team-up miniseries for Netflix came in fall 2013, although that in many ways feels like a lifetime ago. Pop culture moves fast, as has the continuing expansion of the streaming landscape. Now, less than six years later, fans will soon bear witness to Marvel's seemingly final season ever for Netflix.

At this point, Marvel TV has produced eleven seasons of programming for Netflix, twelve if one counts the 8-episode Defenders miniseries. Daredevil starred in three 13-episode seasons, while Luke Cage and The Punisher headlined two 13-episode seasons each. Iron Fist, in many ways the black sheep of the Marvel/Netflix family, got a shortened second season of 10-episodes before getting the axe. Now, with Jessica Jones season 3, Krysten Ritter's boozing private eye gets the rather dubious honor of closing out Marvel TV's Netflix tenure.

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Netflix has now released the full trailer for Jessica Jones season 3, which features the cynical superhero once again going up against a highly intelligent psychopath. This time, Jessica faces off against Gregory Salinger (Jeremy Bobb), a villain better known in Marvel Comics by the name Foolkiller. Check out the trailer for Jessica Jones season 3 below, and those who haven't already seen it should also check out the poster Netflix released yesterday. It would appear Jessica is in for another harrowing 13-episodes.

With both Kilgrave and the traumatic memory of him seemingly now in Jessica's past - it's been confirmed that David Tennant won't appear in season 3 - it would've really been nice for the superpowered but highly damaged hero to finally get a bit of peace. Alas, such is not the way things work in Marvel's always perilous universe, as Jessica now finds herself targeted by another dangerous foe. Salinger doesn't seem quite as charismatic as Kilgrave, but that shouldn't stop him from being as big of a threat to her and those she loves, if not bigger.

Speaking of those Jessica loves, she remains on frosty terms with former best friend Trish Walker, after the pair ended season 2 in a pretty bad place. Trish now has the superpowers she's longed for, but her and Jessica's views on what it means to be a hero are quite different, leading to further conflict. Yet, if they're to defeat Foolkiller, they'll need to work together, whether they want to or not. Presuming they don't take each other out first. Netflix's press release for season 3 mentions "a devastating loss" that sets the two women on a "collision course." The trailer doesn't make clear what that is, but it obviously won't be anything good.

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Jessica Jones season 3 drops June 14 on Netflix.

Source: Netflix

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