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For most of the season, Jeri is more vulnerable than ever before. She is diagnosed with ALS, and her law firm partners try to use it as a way to force her out. Struggling with her diagnosis, she hires prostitutes and sleeps with Inez, an IGH nurse whom Jessica has asked her to keep safe. In her desperation to find a cure, Jeri is also conned by Inez and Shane, who pretend that Shane has super-powered healing. The pair use Jeri to get Shane out of jail and then proceed to ransack her apartment. However, Jeri gets her revenge; she tricks Inexz isn't believing that Shane has just been using her, and then gives her a gun. She watches through the window as the couple fight, and after Inez shoots Shane, Jeri calls the cops on her.

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Thanks to Malcolm, Jeri gets the upper hand by learning about her law firm partners' illegal dealings. She blackmails them, splitting off to create her own firm, and getting a large severance package. Jeri's weakness becomes her power, because she is a woman with nothing to lose. In season 3 it's likely that Jeri's diagnosis will still play a role, but she ends the season more powerful and power-hungry than ever before.


Eka Darville as Malcolm and Rachael Taylor as Trish Walker in Jessica Jones

Malcolm spends season 2 working as Jessica Jones' assistant and associate. His addictive personality changes its focus to sex instead of drugs, and he studiously tries to learn from Jessica about being a private investigator. Malcolm also pursues a relationship with Trish, a fellow addict, but their relationship quickly becomes unhealthy when she offers him Simpson's inhaler... and then stuffs him in the trunk of her car.

Jessica becomes increasingly distant in season 2, and she blames Malcolm for Trish's reckless behavior. After repeatedly falling out and firing Malcolm, he finally quits. In the final episode, Malcolm uses the information he found on Jeri's business partners to leverage a hefty paycheck from her and an associate role in Pryce Cheng's firm. Because Jeri has hired Cheng for some shady business, in the final episode Malcolm agrees to help Jeri and Cheng do their dirty work in season 3. Jessica's former friend has become her competition.

Who Will Be the Main Villain in Season 3?

Kilgrave died at the end of the first season, but that didn't stop him from returning for a one-episode comeback in season 2 as a hallucination. Actor David Tennant's return added some much-needed energy into the second half of the second season, and given his popularity among fans of Jessica Jones, it seems very likely that he could return in some capacity.

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Alisa, Jessica's mother, was killed in the final episode of season 2. With all other members of IGH, including Karl, dead, there is a certain amount of closure to Jessica's past. However, Alisa and Karl, like Kilgrave, could still return to haunt Jessica in delusions and dreams.

Other characters could grow into the role of the main villain of season 3. Minor antagonists from season 2, Pryce Cheng and Inez, could return as more formidable antagonists. It also seems possible - if not likely - that Hogarth, Malcolm, or Trish could become Jessica's enemies, if not outright villains, in the next season.

Who Else Could Come Back in Season 3?

Luke Cage was Jessica's main love interest in season 1, and the two characters recently reconnected in The Defenders. Jessica is not expected to appear in the upcoming second season of Luke Cage, but it's possible that they could end up back in each other's lives.

The second season ends with Jessica having dinner with Oscar and his son, Vido. Oscar is the super of Jessica's building and a master forger. Considering that Oscar's relationship with Jessica seems to be going well, it's likely that he'll come back in season 3.

Trish's British beau Griffin was last seen in a Syrian war zone, but it's possible that he could resurface. Given Trish's poor taste in men, however, it may better suit season 3 to give her a new villainous boyfriend.

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Jessica Jones season 2 is available now on Netflix.

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