Jessica Jones Season 3 Officially Ordered by Netflix

Netflix unsurprisingly orders Marvel's Jessica Jones season 3, thus ensuring another chapter in the surly private investigator series.

As expected, Netflix has ordered Season 3 of Marvel's surly private investigator series, Jessica Jones. The show has already set up a few potential arcs for Season 3, along with some sneaky MCU shoutouts. (Just don't expect an actual MCU movie/TV show crossover any time soon.)

Netflix's exploration of female empowerment and PTSD was a critical hit after Season 1 garnered loads of positive reviews lauding the series for its accurate portrayal of mental illness and sexual assault. Season 2 didn't quite land on the equal footing. Without a traditional villain, and with a little bit slower pacing, some felt Season 2 lacked direction. Nevertheless, with massive character growth for Jessica's friends Malcolm and Trish in Season 2, viewers continue to connect to the series in a major way (as showrunner Melissa Rosenberg noted in her interview with Screen Rant earlier this month).

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That love from the fans has provided the series with enough steam to prompt a third season order from streaming giant Netflix. The announcement, which comes just a little over a month after the premiere of Season 2, seemed practically inevitable. But with Netflix's more cutthroat policies and a newfound penchant for canceling shows with little warning, along with the kerfluffle over Disney's new streaming service, the fate of Netflix's Marvel series has been under much debate in recent months. The official Jessica Jones twitter account confirmed the season order in a post earlier today. Check out the post below:

There are already a few hints at where the series could end up in Season 3. Trish's struggles with her powerless identity and yearning to be a hero herself could very well be a sign that Hellcat is on her way. By the end of Season 2, Jessica seems to have shunned all of her closest friends, but she hasn't quite lost hope yet. She appears to be attempting to move forward her super-boyfriend Oscar. Still, there's absolutely going to be fallout from Trish's actions over the course of Season 2, so it's a certainty Jessica will be pulled back into this world.

Season 2 managed to spread its wings just a little and pulled in some less than subtle references to the MCU; including, a nod to the superhuman prison The Raft, which has implications for where Season 2 falls in the MCU timeline relative to the events of Captain America: Civil War. And, of course, Stan Lee himself put in a brief appearance in Season 2. Again though, there won't be any MCU movie/TV show crossovers coming any time soon with Avengers: Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo saying a crossover between the MCU and the Marvel/Netflix series is "practically impossible."

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Jessica Jones Seasons 1 & 2 are now available for streaming through Netflix.

Source: Marvel/Netflix

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