What Time Does Jessica Jones Season 3 Release On Netflix?

Jessica Jones Season 3 on Netflix

Marvel's Netflix series Jessica Jones season 3 is almost here - here's what time exactly the series drops. Krysten Ritter has played Jessica for four seasons (counting The Defenders team-up) and after almost a year break, she's back.

Sadly, this will be the last time audiences can see a new Jessica Jones story unfold on the streaming platform after Marvel and Netflix cancelled all the Defenders shows in 2018: Luke CageDaredevilIron FistThe Punisher, and the tepid team-up one-off The Defenders have all been ended. While most of these series got the ax after releasing their unexpected final episodes, Jessica Jones' early cut means its final episodes release with viewers knowing its the end.

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As with a majority of Netflix Originals, Jessica Jones season 3 will release midnight PST/3 am EST/8am BST on June 14, 2019. There will be 13 episodes in this season, each running one hour, available to watch immediately.

Krysten Ritter Jessica Jones Season 3 Netflix

Jessica Jones season 3 will introduce a new villain, the sociopathic Foolkiller. This baddie will be taking over for David Tennant's monstrous Kilgrave, who terrorized Jessica in seasons 1 and 2. Also rising up in the ranks is Jessica's longtime friend Trish Walker, who will be morphing into her vigilante alter ego Hellcat throughout the season. Jessica will also be dealing with the fallout of season 2, which saw her finally defeat Kilgrave after a lifetime of torment and discover her mother, Alisa (Janet McTeer), was still alive and just as powerful as she is.

As previously mentioned, this will be the last new season of Marvel TV on Netflix, and it may be a while until the characters return. Netflix's ownership of the character rights blocks a reboot until 2020, and considering production time that means a release date at the absolute earliest of 2021. Jessica Jones will be off our screens for a while.

But that doesn't mean the House of Ideas is leaving the small screen entirely. Quite the opposite, in fact. The current plans for the MCU see it expanding massively on Disney+, which launches in November. Already Marvel has several MCU-set shows in the works, including LokiWandaVisionThe Falcon & the Winter Soldier, and Hawkeye. Marvel has yet to confirm if there are any plans to reintroduce the Marvel Netflix superheroes into the Disney+ service or on Hulu. For now, fans will have to content themselves with this third and final season of Jessica Jones.

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