Jessica Jones Showrunner Hints at Kilgrave Return in Season 3

Fans of Netflix's Jessica Jones might not have to say goodbye to Kilgrave just yet. With the news that season 3 will be the show's last, audiences are preparing to bid their favorite characters farewell. But when the show returns for one final run, its possible Kilgrave may make one last appearance to taunt Jessica and audiences alike.

The last few months have brought about a slew of bad news for fans of Netflix's Marvel lineup. The streaming giant announced Iron Fist and Luke Cage were cancelled, followed shortly by Daredevil. So it seemed inevitable that The Punisher and Jessica Jones would soon meet a similar fate. When the shows' cancellations were announced, it wasn't a surprise so much as confirmation of what fans already feared. But season 3 had already begun production, so hopefully fans will get some closure in the final episodes, including whether she can ever repair her relationship with friend Trish (aka Hellcat) and can make further progress in her ongoing struggles with depression and alcoholism. Her efforts at overcoming her demons were challenged by Kilgrave, who was killed in season one yet returned in season 2 as a malevolent figment of Jessica's imagination. And he may not be through with her just yet.

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Fans of the show have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment at Jessica Jones' official cancelation and to say goodbye. But when one viewer said farewell to Kilgrave, showrunner Melissa Rosenberg responded with a simple tweet, "Not quite yet!"

This isn't the first time audiences have been teased about a possible Kilgrave return in season 3. Last year David Tennant appeared at Salt Lake City's FanX convention where he was questioned about his character returning in the next season. Tennant told fans he didn't know what if any plans there were for his character before adding, "But if there were immediate plans, I'd be denying them."

As for what's in store for Jessica Jones in the final season, it's too early to say. Krysten Ritter, who plays Jessica, expressed hope that her character will be allowed to heal in the next season, thereby becoming less of a broken character and more heroic. With season 3 being the show's last, Jessica's ongoing battle with her mental health must come to an end. So if the show's writers intend to have her make the next step, it has to be now. But with Kilgrave likely waiting in the wings in some fashion, Jessica undoubtedly has a steep uphill battle ahead of her.

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