Krysten Ritter Hopes Jessica Jones is More Heroic in Season 3

After two seasons of Jessica Jones, Krysten Ritter thinks it's time for the troubled hero to become a little more heroic. Speaking at Comicpalooza in Houston, Texas, Ritter suggested she'd like Jessica to be "a little bit less [of a] train wreck" in season 3.

In April this year, just a month after the release of Jessica Jones season 2, Marvel and Netflix confirmed that the series has been renewed for a third season. Shooting is due to begin soon, and needless to say fans are eager to learn what to expect. At this stage, Ritter won't actually have read any season 3 scripts herself, meaning she can speak freely about what she would like to see.

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In Ritter's view, it's time for Jessica to begin moving forward - albeit falteringly. "I don't think it's gonna be like sunshine and rainbows for Jessica Jones anytime soon," she noted at Comicpalooza (via Comic Book), "but I'd love to see her - even if it's a small step - step into her potential." In Ritter's view, the first two seasons have really been about Jessica exploring the darkness that lies in her past, but that part of the story is done:

"Maybe we’ll get to see her be a bit of a hero, maybe we get to see her move forward in a more positive way. Maybe we see her hating herself less."

In truth, that seems rather unlikely. Season 2 ended with Jessica's PTSD manifesting in a disturbing new way, with her mind conjuring up visions of Kilgrave, the man who had taken control of her mind. The visions of Kilgrave seem to manifest at moments of stress, and, most worryingly of all, Jessica actually paid attention to them. That leaves her in a very dangerous, disturbed place, one where she's literally gotten away with a murder. It's doubtful this experience will have led to Jessica "hating herself less." Meanwhile, if those visions continue, season 3 could actually see Jessica go down a very dark path indeed.

Making matters worse, season 2 ended with Jessica's entire support network broken down. Her relationship with her "sister," Trish, is in desperate trouble; Trish actually killed Jessica's mother in the final episode, an act that Jessica will struggle to forgive. Even Malcolm has moved on, setting himself up for work with the still-dying Jeri Hogarth. But matters may not be all doom and gloom for Marvel's most cynical superhero; the season also introduced a rather sweet relationship for Jessica, one that will hopefully continue into season 3 and allow Jessica to experience a more normal family life. That new relationship could be what helps Jessica deal with the darkness in her own soul.

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Jessica Jones season 3 doesn't have an official premiere date yet. Seasons 1 and 2 are now available for streaming through Netflix.

Source: Comic Book

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