Jessica Jones' Hellcat Performs Acrobatic Stunts in Season 3 Set Video

Trish Walker in Jessica Jones and Hellcat

Hellcat's enhanced abilities are on display in a new set video from Jessica Jones season 3. One of the biggest reveals to come out of the sophomore season of Krysten Ritter's solo Marvel Netflix show was the evolution of Trish Walker. Rachael Taylor debuted as the former pop star in season one, and they laid the foundation for her eventual heroic turn. Trish ended up resorting to drastic measures to ensure that may one day happen.

Season two made its biggest leaps with Trish undergoing experimental procedures from Karl Malus. Her final scene of the season finale demonstrated that her wish of having powers may have come true. Based on a new set video though, Trish is defintely much closer to being Hellcat.

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Daily Mail shared a video straight from the set of Jessica Jones season 3 that teases Hellcat's newfound abilities. The video shows Rachael Taylor rigged to a harness and performing various stunts. The most notable is her doing a flip off of the wall, just one example of her enhanced agility. See the video below:


Trish Walker

While Trish is demonstrating some of her enhanced powers, it doesn't look like she's an active hero just yet. She's wearing training gear, so this is likely just a training exercise for her. She still has a ways to go before she's anywhere close to putting on her yellow and blue suit from the comics. However, it shows that the drive is already there for her to be something more, and that she wants to put her powers to good use.

As Trish continues to grow closer to becoming Hellcat, it will be interesting to see what her relationship is like with Jessica the next time they meet. Trish did kill Jessica's mom after all - albeit for what she considered a good reason - and routinely challenged her to be a better hero. Now that Trish has the ability to do some good on her own, will she work against her old friend or could a new threat reunite them? Ritter has said she hopes Jessica can be more heroic in this coming season, which could lead to the super-powered team up fans of their comic dynamic have been waiting for. Only time will tell, but Trish looks to be a major part of the third season, so hopefully a few more looks at her surface as filming continues. It did just begin shooting a few weeks ago after all, so there's plenty of time for more photos and videos to surface from the various NYC filming locations.

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Source: Daily Mail

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