Jessica Jones Trailer Teases Trish as Hellcat In Season 2

Trish Walker in Jessica Jones and Hellcat

Jessica Jones Season 2 could do more than continue the adventures of the titular PI: it could also see Trish Walker become Hellcat. When Marvel Television began to do the groundwork on Jessica Jones, they knew they'd need to make a subtle change from the comics. In the comics, Jessica's best friend is Carol Danvers, better known to the world as Captain Marvel. But Marvel Studios had big plans for Carol, whose solo movie is due out next year. That meant the character wasn't available to Marvel Television.

Marvel Television switched things up a little. In the world of Marvel Netflix, Jessica's best friend is actually Trish Walker, played by Rachael Taylor. And the first trailer for Season 2 has suggested their dynamic is about to change; Trish believes Jessica needs a sidekick.

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Who Is Hellcat?

Comic book fans were rather taken aback at the Marvel Netflix version of Trish Walker. The character was originally created by Otto Binder and Ruth Atkinson back in 1944, and (under the comic book name of "Patsy" Walker) was the star of a series of high-school / romance comics. Into the '70s, writer Steve Englehart decided it was time to reinvent Trish for modern superhero comics. He had her suit up as a superhero, and a few years later she earned the codename "Hellcat". In a surreal twist, Marvel has established that these comics were actually fictional accounts of Trish's life, published within the Marvel Universe itself.

Marvel's Jessica Jones reinvented the character once again. Trish was presented as a talk-show host, albeit one who was close friends with the superpowered Jessica. Amusingly enough, Marvel chose to keep the idea that her early years had been told in a series of romance comics. That backstory was used to add an entertaining dynamic between Trish and her mother, who had actually written the comics - and left her daughter utterly embarrassed.

As Season 1 progressed, Trish began to grow in confidence. She proved she could handle herself on more than one occasion, and it's clear she's been training ever since. Fans had already been told Season 2 would focus on the relationship between Jessica and Trish. Now, according to the first trailer, Trish is ready to step up. It looks as though Marvel's Hellcat is sharpening her claws.

Will Hellcat Be In Jessica Jones Season 2?

There's a sense in which this is a strange direction for Jessica. She's always been a reluctant superhero, after all, so the idea of her actively going out into the field - with a sidekick, no less - seems rather surprising. Unfortunately for Jessica, Season 1 saw her outed as one of New York's "enhanced" individuals. As she remarks in the trailer, "Now this super-vigilante sh*t keeps coming at me". Whether she likes it or not, Jessica is clearly beginning to be regarded as a superhero.

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Indeed, Season 2 will see Jessica launch a personal quest to investigate the mysterious company responsible for giving her superpowers. It's clear she's going to encounter other "enhanced" men and women, including some very dangerous ones indeed. What's more, official photos have teased that there are moral issues to this investigation too; so much so that Jessica even winds up under arrest. It's natural for Trish to want to help keep her friend safe.

But does this mean a comic-accurate Hellcat? Unlike Matt Murdock, Jessica has never used a codename; as a result, it's unlikely her "sidekick" will do so either. Instead, it'd better fit the show for Trish to simply play that role; a streetwise hero who uses her combat skills to take on the bad guys, something trailer gives a sense of when Trish effortlessly neutralizes an attacker. It's important to note that, in the comics, Hellcat didn't start out with superpowers - she was simply a skilled gymnast and martial artist - which seems to equate with Trish's skill level in the trailer.

How far along Trish gets in her Hellcat arc in Jessica Jones Season 2 remains unclear - it may be more setup for Season 3 - but it's safe to say you should expect any more damsel.

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Jessica Jones will return on Netflix on March 8, 2018.

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