Jessica Jones Season 2 Trailer Reveals How Kilgrave Returns

Krysten Ritter and David Tennant in Jessica Jones Season 2

With the release of Jessica Jones season 2 only a month away, a new trailer has been released, hinting at the storyline the show will follow this time around. As with season 1, Jessica's past will come back to haunt her; more disturbing memories that she's buried deep and is now trying to unravel and understand.

The trailer also shows the return of Rachael Taylor as Trish (who's gearing herself up to be her best friend's new sidekick), Eka Darville as Malcom, and Carrie-Anne Moss as Jeri Hogarth. None of these reappearances will come as a surprise, since we already knew about them, but there's one other character making a comeback: Kilgrave. Again, this is not news; pictures of filming showed David Tennant on set with Krysten Ritter, but we've not been sure exactly how the villain will return, until now.

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At the end of Jessica Jones season 1, fans will recall that Jessica killed Kilgrave - the man who had mentally, physically and sexually abused her, using his mind controlling powers to make her obey his every command. Kilgrave had it coming, but the character had been so brilliantly brought to life by Tennant that it was a shame to see him exit the show in such a permanent fashion. It's hardly a surprise that Marvel thought of a way to bring him back but mercifully, they seem to have avoided the 'cheated death' storyline.

Instead, Kilgrave will return as a vision that only Jessica can see; at the end of the trailer, we see three slow and deliberate hand claps that are unmistakably Kilgrave, and the look on Jessica's face only confirms this. The fact that there's no one else in the shot strongly suggests he will only be visible to her; he was very much dead at the end of season 1, after all.

This vision of Kilgrave will tie in well to Jessica's exploration of her past - something that the newest trailer focused heavily on.  She can obviously recall the car crash that killed her parents, but has her subconscious purposely blocked her memories of the experiments carried out on her by IGH, or did they alter her mind in some way? Did Kilgrave ever have any experience of IGH himself? We know his parents experimented on him, which gave him his powers, but were they connected to the same research facility?

Undoubtedly, the death of her parents and her time with Kilgrave are the two biggest events that have shaped Jessica's past and ones that will ultimately determine her future. It makes sense that she's still having a hard time shaking off the ghost of Kilgrave, so to speak; after all, Jessica ended up killing Reva Connnors while under the influence of his powers. Jessica has a lot of post-traumatic stress to deal with; the car accident, her time at IGH, and Kilgrave are all issues that she's going to need to get under control in order that she can move forward with her life. The question is; is the next villain already waiting?

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Jessica Jones season 2 arrives on Netflix on March 8th, 2018

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