Did You Catch Jessica Jones Season 2's Stan Lee Cameo?

Jessica Jones season 2 features a mad scientist, shocking reveals, and a lot of people getting punched - oh, and a Stan Lee cameo!

Stan Lee in Jessica Jones

Marvel's Netflix shows may only be loosely connected to the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe, but they still get Stan Lee cameos - and Jessica Jones season 2 is no exception. So far the Marvel Comics legend has only had cameo roles in the form of photographs (usually hidden in the background) in the Defenders mini-verse, and he's been consistently established as a literal poster-boy for the NYPD. Daredevil showed his photo on a plaque in a police station, while other series have shown him on NYPD publicity posters with slogans like "See a crime? Report it!"

In Jessica Jones season 1, we saw the same plaque from Daredevil on a wall during a scene where Kilgrave mind-controls a police station full of cops, forcing them to hold guns to both their own heads and the heads of civilians. You could be forgiven for not spotting it, given the heightened tension of the scene. In Jessica Jones season 2, however, Lee's cameo is a bit more prominent.

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Lee is featured in episode 9 of season 2, "AKA Shark in the Bathtub, Monster in the Bed," at around the 33-minute mark. For reasons that we won't spoil, Jessica (Krysten Ritter) and her building's new super, Oscar (J.R. Ramirez) have to rush to a bus station. Upon their arrival, Lee is seen on the back of a bus, on a banner for a law firm called Forbush and Associates, who specialize in personal injury claims. Apparently they scored him a cool $5.2 million!

Jessica Jones - Stan Lee cameo

Perhaps Lee's character (one of many in the MCU) took up a new career as a model after retiring from his job as a police officer, or maybe he sued for personal injuries he received on the job. Perhaps we'll find out more in his next Marvel/Netflix cameo, which will presumably arrive along with season 2 of Luke Cage in June. It would be quite clever of Marvel TV to slowly unravel a mini-narrative about the exploits of Lee's character through a series of posters scattered throughout all six Marvel/Netflix shows.

Unfortunately the real Stan Lee has been having a tough time lately. His wife, Joan Lee, passed away last summer after 69 years of marriage, and last month he was rushed to hospital with shortness of breath. Lee later revealed that he was suffering from a bout of pneumonia. The 95 year-old comics creator has had a cameo role in every MCU movie so far, including an appearance as a wily gambler in last month's Black Panther, but he's had to cancel a few convention appearances recently due to his ill health. Let's hope he gets back on his feet soon.

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Jessica Jones season 2 is available now on Netflix.

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