Jessica Jones Likes The Rolling Stones In New Set Photos

It looks like Krysten Ritter's Jessica Jones will be getting a long-awaited costume change in the show's second season. After fighting its way to the top of the film industry over the course of several years, Marvel Studios first began branching out to the TV side of the entertainment industry with the premiere of ABC's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. back in 2013, with the studio then going on to produce and distribute increasingly more experimental and diverse TV projects in the years since. And in fact, the studio has managed to create a franchise team-up of its own in the TV world, with this year's The Defenders, which brings together all of the main characters from the studio's four original Netflix series for the first time.

While almost all of the Marvel Netflix shows have been well-received critically too - with one unfortunate, blatant exception - none have garnered quite as much acclaim and critical recognition as the first season of Jessica Jones did in 2015. Introducing Krysten Ritter's superpowered private detective into the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time, it was a moody and emotional high point for the studio, that rivaled even the accomplishments of some of its best films.

With Ritter finally completing filming on The Defenders back in March, the studio was finally able to begin filming on the highly-anticipated second season of Jessica Jones in April of this year.  With the show now several months deep into production, some brand new set photos from the MarvelStudiosMovies Twitter reveal an unexpected costume change for Jessica in the new season in addition to a new glimpse at her reunion with Rachael Taylor's Trish Walker. Check out the photos for yourself down below:

@Krystenritter and @_Rachael_Taylor are seen filming #JessicaJones on June 22, 2017.

— MarvelStudiosMovies (@AidarSM) June 23, 2017

In terms of updated looks for Jessica Jones, the possibility of her switching out her iconic leather jacket for a Rolling Stones one might not seem like much of a change, but it manages to fit perfectly in line with the character's tongue-in-cheek, punk rock aesthetic and attitude. Whether or not it's a permanent or long-lasting change will have to wait to be seen, but it's just one of many new details fans can look forward to seeing in the show's second season.

It's not much of a surprise either, that these set photos don't reveal any shocking new details from the season, with Marvel and Netflix keeping the plot and story of Jessica Jones season 2 fairly tight under wraps for the time being. And to say that the season has some high expectations to live up to, would be an understatement. After the first season managed to find a perfect, fitting conclusion to the relationship between Jessica and David Tennant's Purple Man, fans have been speculating and wondering how the series might be able to follow that storyline up with one that manages to be equally as insightful or emotional. As of right now, the answer to that question remains a mystery, but apparently, it'll include a nice reference or two to the Rolling Stones, at least.

Jessica Jones season 2 is expected on Netflix in 2018.

Source: Twitter

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