What Time Does Jessica Jones Season 2 Drop On Netflix?

Season 2 of Netflix's critically acclaimed Marvel-based series Jessica Jones arrives this week. But what time exactly can you start binging the new episodes?

While Marvel Television's three-year (and counting) tenure on Netflix has mostly been met with positive reviews from both fans and critics, last year brought what were clearly the two biggest missteps in the run to date. The first was Iron Fist Season 1, which critics hated, and fans were highly divided on. The second was The Defenders limited series, which critics mostly liked, but fans had some issues with, even if those issues generally weren't enough to doom the whole venture. Thankfully, The Punisher Season 1 seemed to begin to right the ship, delivering an end product that many fans cited as a return to form for Marvel Television's streaming outings.

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Now, Marvel and Netflix have the chance to land a one-two punch of renewed quality on audiences with Jessica Jones Season 2. While it's a close race with Daredevil Season 1, Jessica Jones Season 1 tends to be the most critically acclaimed Marvel/Netflix season so far, and fans have been waiting with bated breath for Jessica's second solo story for over two years at this point.

So, when can you plop down on the couch to take in Jessica Jones' second batch of 13 episodes? The answer is midnight PST on Thursday, March 8. That's 3am EST, 2am CST, and 8am GMT, just for reference. Is staying up until the wee hours of the morning advisable for those who have to work the next day? No, probably not. Regardless, many diehard Marvel fans will probably do just that, with the most dedicated possibly opting to binge the entire, thirteen-episode season in one continuous shot, interrupted only for bathroom breaks and meals.

Habitual viewers of Netflix programs on the day that they drop might feel like something is amiss concerning Jessica Jones' Season 2 debut. That's because the vast majority of Netflix original series debut their seasons on Friday, making Jessica Jones' Thursday arrival a rarity. The reason for this move seems to be the sheer amount of Netflix original content currently coming through the pipeline. Indeed, the third and final season of Love hits the service on Friday, March 9, and Netflix clearly didn't think to put both out on the same day would be a good move.

As for what's on the horizon after Jessica Jones season 2, Luke Cage Season 2 just today received a June 22 premiere date. This points to Netflix and Marvel continuing the three-seasons-a-year release schedule that began in 2017, with another season hitting the service this Fall, probably around October or November. It remains to be seen which that will be, although Daredevil Season 3 and Iron Fist Season 2 are both currently in production.

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