Trish’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Song Gets The Pop-Up Video Treatment

Though it’s unlikely that the second season of Netflix’s Jessica Jones needs any additional marketing at this point, the streaming service has cooked up a cheeky video to do just that. If you’ve already binged the season 2 adventures of the surly private eye, you know that one of the most memorable moments comes during a flashback that focuses on Trish Walker’s (Rachael Taylor) burgeoning music career, gifting the world at large the single ‘I Want Your Cray Cray.’ If you’ve somehow managed to get the song out of your head, Netflix would like to invite you to experience it again, this time as a Pop-Up Video.

If you recall, Pop-Up Video was a series on VH1 that sought to increase the inherent entertainment value of sitting on the couch watching music videos by adding captions that were sometimes informative, but mostly just funny. The latter is definitely the approach Netflix is taking with the covert Jessica Jones ad, filling the video with such nuggets as the definition of the term “cray cray,” and pointing out which parts of the video’s complicated choreography Trish improvised on the spot. If you weren’t sure Jessica Jones was having a little fun at Trish’s expense during the season, the video should effectively clear things up.

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Netflix recreates the tone of Pop-Up Video pretty well without tipping its hat as to the intent behind the video. The captions manage to stay in character, making several biting references to Trish’s troubled past, recalling that other slang words for crazy, like “wackadoo, nutzoid, whackjob, fruitloop, and gringa loca” have all been used by tabloids to describe her. The video also mentions that Trish once dated a male dancer and that her “momager” Dorothy (Rebecca De Mornay) “also represented back-up dancer Kourtney.” As an added note, “Kourtney does not have a last name.”

Rachael Taylor and Krysten Ritter in Jessica Jones Season 2

The video doesn’t do a lot to improve Trish’s image, which isn’t surprising considering the repeatedly poor decisions the character made throughout season 2. In fact, the only winner here is Jessica, as the fact that she didn’t write Trish off completely after the release of ‘I Want Your Cray Cray’ demonstrates she’s not nearly as unforgiving and heartless as she’d like people to think she is.

Pop-Up Video makes for a silly tongue-in-cheek marketing move, proving Netflix, Marvel, and the show’s cast don’t take the series so seriously they can’t have a little fun at their own expense. And yet, as cray cray as it may be to think, Trish is definitely poised for yet another comeback in season 3 — no dancing required, hopefully. We'll have to wait to find out if her latest reinvention sticks or she's destined to crash and burn yet again.

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Jessica Jones is currently streaming on Netflix.

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