How Kilgrave’s Death Affects Jessica Jones Season 2

Jessica Jones Season 2 will see Krysten Ritter's hero struggle to deal with the consequences of Season 1 - in particular, the death of Kilgrave (David Tennant).

The first season of Jessica Jones came to a dramatic conclusion when Jessica broke Kilgrave's neck. Her action was understandable, but it's changed everything for the would-be private detective. Now, she's known as the "enhanced" being who has killed a man in cold blood. It's not the kind of act even a tough, rough-housing powerhouse like Jessica can walk away from.

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Production notes for Jessica Jones Season 2 have revealed just how significant an impact this has had on Jessica. As showrunner Melissa Rosenberg notes, this was a victory - but a very dark one:

"On one hand, she’s gotten rid of a bad guy, but on the other hand she’s become what he wanted her to become so she’s very deep in doubt about who she is."

In Krysten Ritter's view, the death of Kilgrave has forced Jessica to ask some pretty soul-searching questions. "She's almost afraid of her power," Ritter explains, "and it strikes me that she's worried that she's going to lose control of herself." In Jessica's mind, there is a terrifying fear that Kilgrave has reduced her to nothing more than a murderer. "She wants to be a good person and she tries," Ritter adds, "but she is dealing with her PTSD and her rage issues, as well as anger, isolation and loneliness."

Matters are made worse by the high-profile nature of the killing. Jessica is now known as a powered person, both on a professional and on a personal level. As the trailers have suggested, this has led Jessica to stop hiding; one teaser shows an anger management class that becomes pretty tense. Meanwhile, many people have concluded that Jessica is a hero. In a world of gods and super-soldiers, the prospect of hiring a hero is an attractive one to people in need. "She's attracting clients who want her to be a hero," Rosenberg explains, "and her own perception of herself is that she is so not a hero."

It's clear Jessica is as conflicted as ever, but this season seems to take a different approach. Ritter contrasts the two seasons, the first of which was "in Jessica Jones's head." This time round, though, the challenge will be focused on her heart and her emotions. That certainly fits with the idea that Jessica is seeking out therapy.

Of course, it's an open secret that Kilgrave will return. David Tennant was glimpsed on set reprising the role, although he seems to be a manifestation of Jessica's broken psyche. "The beauty of the Marvel world is never say die," Rosenberg observes. It's a quote that's sure to make fans sit up straight.

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Jessica Jones Season 2 beings streaming Thursday, March 8 on Netflix.

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