Jessica Jones Season 2 is Done Filming

New behind-the-scenes photos confirm that filming on the second season of Netflix and Marvel's Jessica Jones has officially wrapped this week. Ever since she made her debut in the show's critically-acclaimed first season back in Fall 2015, Krysten Ritter's take on the super powered Private Investigator has become a fan-favorite character amongst MCU fans. And much to the excitement of those very same fans, Ritter reprised her role as Jessica Jones for the first time since that first season earlier this year, when she starred alongside her fellow Marvel/Netflix stars in the first season of The Defenders. It didn't come as much of a surprise either - when many critics and fans went on to call Jessica's role in The Defenders one of the best parts of that team-up series.

2017 has proven to be a busy year for Ritter as well, with filming on Jessica Jones season 2 beginning almost immediately after production on The Defenders wrapped back in April of this year. And in the months since filming commenced, fans have gotten a fairly steady stream of set photos from Jessica Jones season 2, along with teases of the season's very personal story.

Now, both stars Krysten Ritter and series newcomer, Diane Gibson, have announced (H/T MCU_Exchange) the official end of filming on the second season of Jessica Jones, late yesterday on social media. Spotted through various images posted to their respective Instagram accounts, both Ritter and Gibson celebrate the second season's completion with images of various gifts and a new Jessica Jones-themed wrap t-shirt. You can check out the photos for yourself by clicking here. In addition, SpoilerTV had September 15th as the season's wrap date for several months now, so if these photos are to be believed, then it looks like production on Jessica Jones season 2 has finished according to schedule.

David Tennant Returning in Jessica Jones Season 2

While there has been no official premiere date set yet for Jessica Jones season 2, the series is expected to make its debut sometime in 2018, along with the new seasons of both Luke Cage and Daredevil. Since Jessica Jones began production on its follow-up season before either of those two, though, it's more likely than not that the second season of Jessica Jones will be the first Marvel/Netflix show to make its premiere next year. In the meantime, the first season of The Punisher is also expected to be debuting on Netflix before the end of this year.

There's been very little released up until this point about the second season's story, which following the conclusion of the first - where Jessica finally (seemingly) killed The Purple Man (David Tennant) - will have a very interesting place to pick up from in Jessica's life. It has been confirmed by Marvel that David Tennant will be returning as Kilgrave in the new season, but fans have been left to only wonder why and how he does until closer to the season's premiere next year, when trailers and new story details will begin coming out. So there's still quite a bit of time left before Jessica Jones returns with its long-awaited second season, but this milestone does, at the very least, bring fans a whole lot closer to finally seeing it for themselves.

The Defenders Season 1 is currently available to stream on Netflix, and The Punisher premieres later in 2017. Additional seasons of DaredevilJessica Jones, and Luke Cage are expected to air in 2018.

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Source: MCUExchange

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