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Jessica Jones season 2 - Krysten Ritter

With the exception of this year's Iron Fist, Marvel's Defenders series on Netflix have been quite successful, critically speaking. This includes Jessica Jones, which was the second to air following Daredevil's hit first season and was an opportunity to explore Jones as a character and introduce Luke Cage ahead of his own standalone series. The show has been applauded for its honest, non-exploitative portrayal of issues such as PTSD, and the aftermath of sexual abuse during its first season.

The next chance audiences will have to catch up with Jessica will be this summer when the hugely anticipated Defenders is released, but many viewers are also looking forward to Jones' second solo season. As it turns out, star Krysten Ritter is going to have a busy 2017, as the two shows film almost back to back. A new batch of Jessica Jones episodes is now in production.

OLV have confirmed that production has begun today - April 3, 2017 - on Broadway and west 101st Street, the location used for the outside view of Alias Investigations and Jessica's apartment. It's very early days, but hopefully not too long before on-set images and teasers regarding plot details and featured characters begin to appear.

Jessica Jones Season 2 Directors

Ritter's super-powered, private investigator is a reluctant hero with a difficult past that casts a realness, in contrast to the technicolor superheroes of the greater MCU. The character resonated well with fans who appreciated Jones' complexity of character and antihero behavior blended with action, a climatic conflict resolution, and a contemporary depiction of female relationships. It will be compelling to watch Jones as a character, interact with the other personality types of the Defenders group - if Netflix can continue to handle this content as deftly around the upcoming plot lines we can only tantalizingly speculate about at this stage.

The second burning question about season 2 will be the choice of antagonist for the series and which of the plethora of possible connecting Marvel characters may be introduced from the surrounding comic book catalog. In regards to the villain, David Tenant was seen as a bright spot during the first season for his portrayal as Kilgrave, so the hope is Jessica will have another formidable opponent (or possibly two) to go against this time around. Now that phase one of the Netflix/Marvel vehicle is complete, it is time to expand and the possibilities are vast as this corner of the MCU continues to grow. One exciting aspect is that the season will feature all female directors, helping push diversity behind the camera.

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Jessica Jones Season 2 is expected to air sometime 2018 and the Defenders will premiere summer 2017 on Netflix.

Source: OLV via MCUexchange.

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