Jessica Jones Season 2 Comic Book Covers Confirm Episode Titles

Marvel/Netflix has unveiled comic book art inspired by Jessica Jones season 2, confirming the season's episode titles in the process. In just a few days, the latest Marvel/Netflix collaboration will debut when the second season of Jessica Jones arrives, revealing how Kilgrave's death affects Jessica. With so much of the first season defined by the lead overcoming her trauma only to once again have to grapple with her abuser, the biggest question about this year's Jessica Jones episodes is where the story will go.

The early reviews for Jessica Jones season 2 have been positive, but they each point out that things start slow. The absence of Kilgrave is also felt, though it was always inevitable the show would move past him. After all, the series is about Jessica Jones, not the man who raped and abused her. Wisely, the marketing for the new season has focused on what makes Jessica such an engaging protagonist, while also highlighting the role women will play in the new season. Along with the female stars and showrunner, all 13 episodes of Jessica Jones season 2 will be directed by women. Now, the latest promo for the show ties that milestone back to the comics.

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The Jessica Jones Twitter account put out a new video featuring pulp novel and comic-inspired art for each of season 2's 13 episodes. Naturally, each illustration is done by a female artist, who all add a unique flavor while capturing the noir style of the series. They also confirm the episode names for the upcoming season.

Though nothing major is revealed, the blend of pulp detective novels and comics used to inspire the covers is a lot of fun and highlights just how much Jessica Jones occupies its own little corner of the MCU. That said, it's not hard to theorize based on some of the titles. A reference to an octopus could just allude to a day at the aquarium, but dare we hope it's a nod to Hydra and how they're tied to Jessica's origin? While it's possible, Hydra is more central to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s mythology and the Marvel/Netflix series haven't connected directly to that ABC TV series before, so this might just be wishful thinking.

Patsy, aka Trish, also makes a cameo in a late-season episode title. Fans have wanted to see Trish become Hellcat ever since the show revealed that she's been learning self-defense. Though Jessica prefers working alone, the footage released from season 2 thus far suggests that Trish may well evolve into a proto-Hellcat in season 2 (if not the full blown Hellcat). With the new season premiering on International Women's Day this week, we will know for certain soon enough.

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Jessica Jones season 2 premieres Thursday, March 8 on Netflix.

Source: Marvel/Netflix

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