Jessica Jones: Janet McTeer Teases 'Complicated' Character

Ahead of this week's release of Jessica Jones Season 2, Oscar nominee Janet McTeer has suggested her mysterious character is a "complicated" role.

Marvel has gone to great effort to keep Janet McTeer's role in Jessica Jones Season 2 under wraps. The character's name is a mystery, and her precise role in the plot is just as enigmatic. All that's currently known is that she has something to do with Jessica's origin, and that the super-powered PI's investigation of IGH will lead her to McTeer.

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Even in the production notes for Season 2, McTeer is wary of giving the game away. "She's complicated," McTeer noted. "What I loved about her is that there's nothing obvious about her. Every time you think it's going to go one way, it goes slightly another way. It feels really creative, fun and unexpected."

It's tempting to assume that McTeer is playing a role lifted straight from the comics. That, after all, would explain Marvel's reticence in naming the character; the moment fans have a name, they'll know exactly what to expect, and begin to theorize about the plot of Season 2. But that is still an assumption; Marvel was similarly reluctant to name Sigourney Weaver's character in The Defenders, and it turned out Alexandra had no comic book equivalent at all. Marvel simply likes to keep their cards close to their chest, to leave fans guessing as much as possible.

The production notes do offer one subtle hint, though. They suggest that McTeer's character "holds crucial insights into Jessica’s past and others like her." It seems to be confirmation that Jessica isn't the only "enhanced" individual created by IGH's research. Season 1 introduced viewers to Nuke, a tortured patriot who was drugged up with combat enhancers. His powers, though, fade with time; in contrast, Jessica's are permanent. That suggests IGH has researched more than one way of creating super-soldiers. What's more, Jessica may be facing men and women who are every bit as physically intimidating as she is.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, McTeer described her part as "a very physical character." That meant the actress had to deal with a level of physical activity that she wasn't quite used to. "It’s hard enough running around when you’re 25," she quipped, "but when you’re 55, that’s harder."

Whatever McTeer's role may be, she's sure to leave a mark. The Oscar-nominated actress admits she's never played a part like this before, and it's clear she's had a blast.

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Jessica Jones season 2 premieres Thursday, March 8 on Netflix.

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, Netflix

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