Jessica Jones Season 2 Casts Janet McTeer in Mystery Role

Production on Jessica Jones season 2 is now reportedly underway, with Janet McTeer among the new cast additions. Though Netflix has been regularly releasing shows involving the characters of The Defenders - with the full team-up series debuting this summer - Jessica Jones fans have been waiting a long time for a second season of the super-strong heroine's critically-acclaimed solo outing. After the death of psychically powerful villain Kilgrave (David Tennant) at the end of season 1, there are many questions about what Jessica (Krysten Ritter) will do next.

Though filming on new episodes for Jessica Jones just began this month, the showrunners did begin revealing pieces of information about the series last year. Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg has promised that, though the great weight of imminent danger from Kilgrave has been lifted from her psyche, Jessica definitely won't be cured of all that psychological damage in season 2. In keeping with the show's personal, grounded story arcs, the even closer bond Jessica formed with her adoptive sister Trish (Rachael Taylor) will also be more fully explored.

Rosenberg has also revealed that Jessica Jones wouldn't try to top or repeat the Kilgrave arc, so season 2 will likely include multiple villains. That could have some bearing on the recent casting news from EW, which reports that two-time Oscar nominee McTeer will appear in the series as "an undisclosed character who will have an enormous impact on Jessica's life."

With so little information to go on, it's tough to guess if McTeer will take on a role originated in Marvel Comics or if it will be a new part created for the series. Marvel TV chief Jeph Loeb has said McTeer's character will fit in well with the thoughtful, noir vibe of Jessica Jones:

"We are so fortunate to have an actress of Janet’s talent and stature join what is already an incredible cast. Our second season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones aims to capture what audiences loved about our first, and Janet will be key to achieving that goal."

Krysten Ritter and Rachael Taylor in Jessica Jones as Jessica and Trish Walker (Hellcat)

Viewers may recognize McTeer from her recent role as Queen Elizabeth's mother in Starz series The White Queen. She also appeared on the big screen in Allegiant, Insurgent, and The Woman in Black, and provided the narration for Maleficent. Showrunner Rosebenberg has also expressed her thrill at including the accomplished theater actress in season 2 of Jessica Jones:

"We couldn’t possibly be more excited to work with Ms. McTeer for our second season. Her gravitas and authenticity are the perfect ingredients for all we’re trying to create this year. She disappears into roles, gives her characters extraordinary dimension and depth. We’re incredibly fortunate to be able to collaborate with her."

This casting news is definitely a good sign that the emotional complexity of Jessica Jones will continue into the new season. While some have speculated the actress might take on the role of Daredevil enemy Typhoid Mary, her powers and personality seem to fall too much into Kilgrave territory to fit in with what Rosenberg has suggested for the show. With the possibility of Will Simpson returning to Jessica Jones as the unstable Nuke, it seems more likely McTeer might take on a more insidious role, someone who seems to be a friend but has a secret agenda.

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The Defenders arrives on August 18th, 2017, with The Punisher coming later this year. Daredevil seasons 1 and 2, Jessica Jones season 1, Luke Cage season 1, and Iron Fist season 1 are now available on Netflix. Premiere dates for the next seasons of Jessica JonesDaredevil, and Luke Cage have not yet been revealed.

Source: EW

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