A Quick Jessica Jones Season 1 Recap

Jessica Jones Season 2 is streaming now on Netflix, but before you start the superhero PI's latest adventure, here's a refresher on what happened in Season 1. Jessica is about to dive deep into her own history, investigating the history of IGH - the company that gave Jessica her powers - but there are darker things in her past than just that.

It's been three years since the first season of her solo series, and although Jessica returned in last year's Defenders series, that's a lot of time spent drinking and beating up punks. It's also plenty of time for the average viewer to forget the finer details - so here's a recap of everything you need to remember from Season 1.

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The Origin of Jessica Jones

Makeup Krysten Ritter Jessica Jones

Seventeen years before the events of Season 2, the young Jessica Jones was involved in a car accident that led to the deaths of her parents and younger brother. When Jessica awoke from a coma, she discovered she had superhuman strength. Jessica was adopted by the Walker family, and developed a close relationship with her new "sister," Patsy 'Trish' Walker. The two became inseparable, with Jessica protecting Trish against her manipulative, exploitative mother. As adults, Trish became a talk-show host, while Jessica drifted from job to job.

The Threat of Kilgrave

The main villain of Season 1 was Kevin Thompson, known to the world as Kilgrave. Born with a rare neurodegenerative disease, Kilgrave's parents conducted genetic experiments upon him in order to give him a normal life. Instead, they granted him superhuman powers; Kilgrave had the ability to control minds with just a single word. Abandoned by his parents, who couldn't cope with his power, Kilgrave drifted through life for decades - until he came across Jessica Jones. Fascinated by her power, Kilgrave took control of her mind, turning her into his sex slave for six months. Finally, he pushed her too far; when Kilgrave forced Jessica to commit murder, his control over her snapped.

Wounded and broken, Jessica established Alias Investigations, beginning a career as a private detective. One of the troubled detective's frequent clients was Jeri Hogarth, a lawyer from Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz. Jessica and Hogarth became as close to friends as Jessica was to anyone, but even Hogarth couldn't reach Jessica, who was struggling with PTSD and anger management issues. Much to Jessica's horror, at the start of Season 1 she began to realize that Kilgrave had returned, and was beginning to stalk her.

Jones's story became tied to Luke Cage, a bartender who had superhuman powers of his own. The two shared a brief relationship, complicated because Luke was tied to the woman Kilgrave had forced Jessica to murder. Reva Connors had treated prisoners at Seagate Prison, where she met and fell in love with Luke. She'd known about Kilgrave's origin, and he felt that made her dangerous.

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Becoming New York's Most Infamous Superhuman

Jessica Jones - David Tennant as Kilgrave

Kilgrave homed in on Jessica, taking control of one of her neighbors, Malcolm. Little by little, he ingratiated himself into Jessica's life, ultimately drawing her back to her childhood home. There, Kilgrave professed obsessive love for Jessica; nobody had ever rejected him, and he'd become enthralled by her. Jessica made an attempt to help Kilgrave reform but realized it was against his nature.

To Jessica's horror, she learned Kilgrave was attempting to increase the range of his powers. After a desperate battle with Luke Cage - Kilgrave's latest puppet - Jessica managed to get in front of Kilgrave. She realized he was too dangerous to live, and snapped his neck. The act would make her New York's most notorious "enhanced" individual.

Introducing Nuke and IGH

Nuke in Jessica Jones

In another important subplot, Patsy began a relationship with ex-police officer Will Simpson. He turned out to be involved in a secretive black ops program known as IGH. Jessica wound up fighting against the deranged Simpson, who was doped up on combat enhancers. By the end of the season, it was revealed that IGH was mysteriously tied to Jessica's past; they'd paid her medical bills while she was in a coma seventeen years ago.


Now you're all caught up on Jessica Jones Season 1 and ready for the new episodes.

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Jessica Jones Season 2 is streaming now.

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