Jessica Jones: 5 Reasons She Should Be With Erik (& 5 With Luke Cage)

Jessica Jones doesn't do cuddly relationships, but if she were to pick a partner, should it be Erik the empath or the unbreakable Luke Cage?

Throughout the three seasons of Jessica Jones, Jessica has had a variety of love interests from the quick hook-up to the neighbor turned lover to the potential serious relationship. Out of all these, the two that stand out the most are Season 3's Erik Gelden and Luke Cage. Both Erik and Luke Cage challenge and support Jessica. In addition, she has amazing chemistry with both.

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The comics actually depict Erik as a villain, while in Jessica Jones he has different powers, motivation, and personality. In the comics, Luke Cage is still a hero, and he is coupled with Jessica. However, the series presents that relationship a little differently as well. For those reasons, we are going to look at Erik and Luke Cage as depicted in the show in their interactions with Jessica. Truth be told, either one would make a great couple with Jessica, but let's look at the different reasons why she should be with them.

10 Erik: Moral Compass

In Season 3, Trish Walker's relationship with Jessica changes, Trish no longer being Jessica's moral compass. So, Jessica needs someone that she can trust, someone who can pull her back if she goes too far. Erik is that someone. His special power is recognizing the darkness in others. When he is near someone who is evil, Erik actually becomes physically sick--even bleeding from his eyes.

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After seeing how her mom was out of control, Jessica may be worried about turning dark. Erik assures that she is not. In addition, she can ask him what he feels about others. Initially, his ability helps her in letting in Trish. Erik senses that Trish is not dark. When this changes, Erik tells Jessica. She trusts him and uses his knowledge to help her decide what to do next with her sister.

9 Luke Cage: Strength Equally Matched

Luke Cage and Jessica can't easily physically hurt each other. In Season 1 of Jessica Jones they discover this when they are intimate, which gives them the freedom to not hold back. This equally matched strength also helps when they fight together. They don't need to worry or to protect the other, meaning that they can fight as equals. We see this in Season 1 of Jessica Jones as well as in Defenders. 

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This makes them both compatible in their superpowers. While their powers are a little different, there is enough similarity to connect them, allowing them to understand each other as both humans and as heroes.

8 Erik: Things In Common About Family Role And History

Erik and Jessica have a moment when they discuss the first foe that they fought. For each, it was a family member. Jessica considers her adoptive mother, Dorothy, her first foe. Dorothy harmed and abused Trish throughout Trish's youth. Jessica took on the role as the great protector of her sister, Trish. Jessica had complicated feelings about Dorothy. Though she didn't necessarily love her, she accepted her and reluctantly admired Dorothy's determination. In Season 3, she grieves the loss of Dorothy.

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Erik tells Jessica that the first time he felt his powers was around his father. He told her that previously he loved and respected his dad; his dad was one of the most important people to him. Through the awakening of his powers, his father becomes the first foe. Erik discovers that his father had been molesting his older sister, and he got his father away from the family by reporting him. His sister gets into prostitution and drugs, but Erik still tries to protect her. When he is hunted by the first villain of Season 3, he immediately finds his sister to get her safe.

Both have complicated feelings about their first foe (a family members), and both protect their sisters.

7 Luke Cage: Have History And Forgave Each Other

Jessica and Luke Cage have been through a lot. Jessica was the person who (under Kilgrave's orders) killed Luke Cage's former love. Kilgrave is the super villain from Season 1, capable of mind control, making those he controls mere puppets to his orders. Luke Cage had been pining for his former lover for much of the season, hoping that Jessica can help him find her killer. So when he discovers that it was Jessica, that is something hard for him to get over. Then, Kilgrave orders Luke Cage to kill Jessica. She has to hurt him to get him to stop, and then find a way to save him.

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Though these are big moments that could have easily made them into enemies, they forgive each other. Even more, their horrible experiences with Kilgrave bond them in a way that no other foe could.

6 Erik: Can Keep Her Grounded

Erik can see the light in Jessica, and she needs that, especially after what she has been through in Season 3. She needs someone to remind her that she is good and can be a hero. Erik can hold her accountable in ways behind an idea of right and wrong. If she steers too much to the wrong side, Erik's physical response can show her. Overall, she needs to be reminded that she is a good person, and Erik is the one who can do that. He is like her thermometer for being and staying good.

5 Luke Cage: Were Defenders, Share A Community

Jessica and Luke Cage inhabit a similar world. They are heroes on their own in a very gritty world, but they also worked with other heroes. Being part of the Defenders gives them a similar mission and connection to a network of superheroes. They wouldn't be alone as a couple, and they would be able to join others in the desire to do and to be good.

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This community would help their relationship stay healthy, outward reaching, rather than insular. In addition, the other Defenders could support and protect them. As a community, they share a common language and understanding.

4 Erik: She Can Mentor Him

Although Erik has had powers, he hasn't used them for good. He has blackmailed evildoers for money, and then used that money to gamble. He copes with the powers by gambling, drinking, and having sex. Jessica can sympathize as she has had similar unhealthy coping methods.

Also, Jessica can help him do more with his powers. Erik wants to do better and to be a hero. He is no longer just interested in only protecting himself and his sister; he wants to do more. In a way, his path echoes Jessica's path, when she decided to help more people. In the past, Trish encouraged Jessica to do more with her powers. Now, Jessica can serve as a role model for Erik, and she can mentor him. Jessica understands his struggles because they echo her own.

3 Luke Cage: Share An Understanding Of Sibling Villains

Jessica's sister turns into the villain at the end of Season 3, even willing to kill Jessica. Trish, the person Jessica loves most in the world, turns on her. Also, Trish had always been jealous of Jess's powers. Despite Trish Walker becoming a villain, Jessica and Trish still love each other. At the end of the series, there seemed a ray of hope that things between them could work out. Trish also seemed to recognize that she became the villain, although she was convinced she was doing the work of a hero, taking out bad guys.

Luke's brother is a little different as he doesn't think of himself as a hero or seems to have much love for Luke. His brother is the villain and has envied Luke since their father loved Luke better. Luke knows him as a best friend, the person who taught him how to fight. Now, he has to fight and stop his brother.

This is a common ground between Luke and Jessica, one that many people would not have. Having to fight a sibling you love would give you many complicated feelings. It's a good thing that they can work the feelings out together.

2 Erik: Can Communicate And Be Honest

There appears to be no judgement between Jessica and Erik. They can understand each other and talk seriously about difficult topics, such as their family foes. Jessica puts on no masks with Erik, and Erik shows Jessica a vulnerable side he hides. Besides, after Jessica gets hurt, he comes back to check on her. In the early stages of Jessica's previous relationship with Luke, she was hiding so much. With Erik, she doesn't need to hide anything.

1 Luke Cage: Know Each Other Well

Luke Cage and Jessica truly know each other: faults and strengths. They have been through a lot together and can discuss the past. They have a foundation from which they could build a good relationship. Right now, they are friends, but given time, they could become more. On top of all this, they can joke around with each other. They appear to be at ease in each other's company.

So Luke Cage, the suitor from the past, and Erik, the suitor from the present, who do you think will be the suitor in the future?

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