Jessica Jones Actress Cast as Ray Palmer's Mom in Legends of Tomorrow

Brandon Routh and Susie Abromeit Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 The CW

Jessica Jones actress Susie Abromeit has been cast as the mother of Ray Palmer in season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow. Ray Palmer/The Atom (Brandon Routh) has been a regular on the series since the show's first season. The character has been a part of the Arrowverse since he was introduced in the season 3 premiere of Arrow, as a billionaire inventor who takes over Oliver's company, Queen Consolidated, and renames it Palmer Technologies.

After the death of his fiancée, Ray became the shrinking superhero the Atom, and was eventually recruited by Rip Hunter to join the Legends. As a constant member of the team, Ray continues to assist his fellow time-travelers both as a superhero and as a scientist.

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TVLine reports that an upcoming episode of Legends of Tomorrow will introduce viewers to Ray's mother, played by Susie Abromeit, an actress most notable for her role as Pam, Hogarth's girlfriend on the Netflix series, Marvel's Jessica Jones.

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The character will appear in episode 4, 'Phone Home', which will take the crew of the Waverider to the 1980s to investigate Ray's childhood. Abromeit teased her role in Legends of Tomorrow with a photo of herself in 1980s-style make-up on Instagram. Aside from her work in Jessica Jones, Abromeit has appeared in various TV shows, including Devious Maids, Chicago Med, and Supernatural.

It was previously revealed at the Television Critics Association that episode 4 would explore Ray's backstory. Brandon Routh teased the character's past by stating that Ray had experienced "dark times." Though the character contributes a lot to the show's light-hearted tone, it's been made clear that Ray has a troubled past, and meeting his mother could provide some explanation for that. When we met Ray in Arrow, he was reeling from the death of his fiancée, who had been killed in Deathstroke's attack on Starling City.

Not much is known about Ray's early life, though it has been revealed that he had a lonely childhood and a strained relationship with his brother Sydney, who was referenced in an earlier episode. There's also a good chance that we'll meet Sydney in 'Phone Home', especially since the character looks exactly like Ray and will likely be played by Routh.

Ray will apparently be the latest character whose backstory Legends of Tomorrow will explore. Previous episodes have already delved into the past of Stein, Rip, and Jax. Season 3 will also dive into Amaya's family history with the introduction of her villanous granddaughter, Kuasa.

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Legends of Tomorrow season 3 premieres Tuesday, October 10, on The CW.

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