Jessica Jones: Questions About Trish Walker's Powers, Answered

At the end of Jessica Jones, we've still got some questions about Wildcat and her new super powers.

The series might be called Jessica Jones, but Trish Walker is undeniably one of the most important and interesting characters in JJ. It's ironic that in a show that is ostensibly about a superhero named Jessica Jones the one character who truly wants to lean into the idea of a superhero saving the world is Jessica's best friend and adoptive sister Trish. But when Trish was just a regular girl she was always there supporting Jessica, and even pushing Jessica into a heroic role that she didn't want to occupy.

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However, Trish wasn't satisfied just playing sidekick to a powerful chick who didn't even want that power in the first place. Trish was determined to become a hero in her own right, and she would stop at nothing to make that happen. Determination can get you a long way, and after a lot of trials and tribulations Trish managed to gain powers of her own. But what do we actually know about her abilities? So if you ever had a question about Trish Walker's powers, here's your answers.

10 What Can Trish Do In The Comics?

Although it's meant to exist within the larger MCU, the Netflix MCU is pretty clearly more grounded in reality than the films and comics are. In Jessica Jones, Trish's powers are clearly more physical than mystical, but for the Patsy Walker/Hellcat we see in the comics that's definitely not the case. In the comics, Patsy still possesses some pretty impressive physical abilities, but she can also sense mystical energy with what she calls her "demon sight". She also has a lot more tricked out tools in her tool belt, including a cloak that opens portals to other dimensions and a magical force field that protects her from mystical attacks.

9 What Can Trish Do In The Show?

Obviously, Trish Walker's set of superpowers in the Jessica Jones TV show are still handy, but not quite as esoteric as they are in the comics. Trish starts off the series as a pretty formidable opponent, but she doesn't get enhanced abilities until parts of season 2 and season 3. Hellcat's powers seem to pretty much be, appropriately enough, almost catlike enhancements. Trish has better endurance, is more agile, has better vision, and has exceptional reflexes. That actually leaves her still more vulnerable than a lot of the Netflix MCU heroes that we see, but definitely gives her a distinct advantage over the average person.

8 How Did Trish Get Her Powers The First Time?

Trish has been experiencing superpower envy for quite a long time now, so it's not a huge surprise that she has taken risks to enhance her own abilities before moving on to some more permanent upgrades. As a result of her relationship with cop and former IGH patient Will Simpson, Trish came to possess a combat enhancer inhaler that gave the user amplified fighting abilities.

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The inhaler was actually a pretty dangerous way of boosting her normal human abilities, but given Trish's obsession with heroic powers it seemed like a near inevitability that she would take whatever enhancement opportunities that came her way, no matter the possible consequences.

7 What Did The Inhaler Do For Her?

The way the combat enhancer inhaler worked was actually pretty simple. The inhaler provided a quick adrenaline burst to whoever was using it, and after the initial rush of adrenaline, the user would level out and be left with a short term dose of enhanced abilities that were almost on the level of superpowers. The inhaler granted the user super strength, exceptional stamina, better vision, a faster healing ability, and a much higher tolerance for pain. However, if the side effects that Trish experienced were any indication, the inhaler had some serious downsides, leaving the users with some rebound exhaustion and getting them addicted if they became too reliant on it.

6 How Did She Get Powers The Second Time?

Trish Walker's desire to become a superhero seems to have existed from the moment that Trish realized that people with superpowers actually existed, so once the inhaler enhancement ceased to be an option Trish wasn't willing to just drop it. After having a taste of what superpowers can offer, Trish became determined to permanently enhance her abilities at nearly any cost. And lucky for her, she managed to find the doctor at IGH who's treatments took Jessica Jones from human to superhuman. Trish actually kidnapped doctor Karl Malus at gunpoint in the hopes of gaining superpowers, which obviously worked out for her in the end.

5 What Did Malus Do To Her?

As we all know by now, Jessica and her mother developed superpowers as a result of IGH's life-saving treatment that pulled them both back from the brink of death. But when Trish hunted down Dr. Malus in the hopes of gaining her own powers she was perfectly fine and demanded that Malus administer the incredibly dangerous procedures anyway. He complied, but as a result, Trish's physical state deteriorated very quickly. Trish fell into a coma and nearly died, and may have actually died had Jessica not busted in on the treatments and forced Dr. Malus to stop the procedure.

4 Is She A Match For Jessica?

Well, yes and no. Trish surprisingly obtained abilities from the treatments that nearly killed her (even though Dr. Malus said that the superpowers were a very rare side effect of the procedure), but they were not the same as Jessica's super strength and "controlled falling".

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Trish was gifted with new powers like exceptional agility and dexterity, and she seemed to encounter very few problems in her attempts to play the hero that she always dreamed of being and imagined Jessica could become. After going off the deep end, a showdown between Trish and Jessica seemed like a sad inevitability, and although Jessica wound up winning Trish certainly seemed to give her a run for her money.

3 Did Her Powers Make Her Go Crazy?

It's kind of hard to say, but it seems like Trish's newfound powers only allowed Trish to express her inner unhinged vigilante. Trish became so into the idea that she was the heroine that the world needed she never stopped to consider her own actions, seemingly believing that whatever she decided was the right choice in the moment was the absolute moral choice, period. But clearly, she was unstable to begin with. I mean sure, plenty of people would want to have superhuman abilities if they could, but it seems unlikely that many people would go to such lengths, even risking their own lives, to obtain them.

2 Was It Worth It?

Obviously not. Trish always dreamed of being a superhero, but ironically, she destroyed her entire life and her own sense of self once she actually became one. Trish was more than willing to give up on the more superficial aspects of her life like her fame and her job, but it's doubtful that she was prepared to lose her mother or lose Jessica in the process. But the most drastic change that occurred was to Trish herself, she got so wrapped up in her obsession that she ultimately became everything that she always wanted to fight against, and she only realized that when it was already too late.

1 What Happens Now?

Trish closes out the series by being sent to the Raft, a beyond super-maximum security prison that was specifically designed to imprison people with special powers. Trish finally comes to the realization that she has completely lost her way and has become the kind of villain that she always wanted to stop, but that realization isn't going to change the fact that she'll likely be in prison for the foreseeable future. It's always possible that she'd get out someday, but her insatiable desire to become a hero may have finally been quashed by her actual experiences playing and failing as a hero.

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