With Marvel’s Cinematic Universe established on the big screen, Marvel TV has been working to build the television side of world in which The Avengers exist. As such, ABC has Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter, as well as two other series with pilot orders, Marvel’s Most Wanted and Damage Control. However, Marvel TV also includes the deal between the studio and Netflix that paved the way for four series and a team up featuring The Defenders. The Marvel/Netflix universe launched earlier this year with the premiere of Daredevil and continues with Jessica Jones next month.

At New York Comic Con this weekend, Marvel brought all their television series to the fans, teasing what’s to come on S.H.I.E.L.D. and Carter, debuting the first footage from Season 2 of Daredevil and premiering the first episode of Jessica Jones. Now, with so many in attendance for the world premiere, early reactions to the show and reviews of the pilot have hit the web.

The Jessica Jones pilot has largely received glowing reviews, with many praising Krysten Ritter’s turn as the titular superhero-turned-private investigator, the actress’s chemistry with co-star Mike Colter (fellow superhero Luke Cage, whose own Netflix series will debut in 2016), the dark tone of the series and its exceptional cinematography. Jessica Jones also stars Carrie-Anne Moss as the recently announced female iteration of Marvel Comics character Jeryn Hogarth, and David Tennant as Kilgrave a.k.a. The Purple Man, both of whom received appreciation for their parts in the premiere as well.

Here’s a sampling of early reactions on Twitter (including Screen Rant’s own Rob Keyes) and what the first batch of reviews had to say (click on the corresponding links for the full reviews):

marvel netflix jessica jones images krysten ritter Jessica Jones Early Reviews From NYCC: Dark, Gritty, Fantastic Noir

Collider – Evan Valentine

Jessica Jones marks another amazing notch in the belt of Marvel’s Netflix deal, exploring a world that few comic book movies and television shows have dared to enter. Without a doubt, this premier episode will reel you in hook, line, and sinker, leaving you gasping from the surprises it has in store. This fall, Jessica Jones may be the show to beat!”

IGN – Eric Goldman

Jessica Jones starts out with a strong premiere episode that firmly marks the series as the most mature Marvel Cinematic Universe project to date. Yes, Daredevil took the MCU into much darker, more violent places, but Jessica Jones not only matches that, it goes further.”

jessica jones netflix poster nycc Jessica Jones Early Reviews From NYCC: Dark, Gritty, Fantastic Noir

Mashable – Brian De Los Santos

“A pilot can only say so much about a show, but if Marvel can maintain the momentum it builds in the first episode of Jessica Jones throughout its entire first season, it may have its hands on another hit. With great wit and characters, this series could draw a big fanbase. Those in attendance Saturday certainly loved it, and left the screening saying as much.”

Vulture – Abraham Riesman

“The entire episode was shockingly and refreshingly honest in its depiction of sex and sexuality — especially compared to the rest of Marvel’s cinematic and televised output, which tends to be heterosexual and vanilla on the rare occasions when it dares to be sexual at all.”

io9 – Katharine Trendacosta

“Along with being visible, the show’s also got a great handle on the language of noir. We always hear about how the Marvel movies are each a different genre, but they’ve ceded film noir to Jessica Jones. From the first voice over, you know exactly what you’re about to get: a client, a case, and a bad end.”

jessica jones marvel netflix logo Jessica Jones Early Reviews From NYCC: Dark, Gritty, Fantastic Noir

With such high praise for Jessica Jones, it seems Marvel and Netflix will deliver another incredibly well-received series when the show debuts next month. In addition to the critical acclaim received by Daredevil earlier this year, Marvel TV may further prove it can hold its own next to the movies of the MCU.

Of course, these reviews only cover the first episode of Jessica Jones and may not reflect the series as a whole. But, so far it would seem that Marvel and Netflix’s Defenders universe is only going to get stronger with the premiere of Jessica Jones.

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Daredevil Season 1 is currently available on Netflix. Jessica Jones will be made available starting November 20th, 2015, followed by Luke Cage Season 1 and Daredevil Season 2 (a.k.a. Daredevil V Punisher) in 2016. Iron Fist and The Defenders will arrive sometime thereafter.

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