Jessica Jones: Is Nuke Actor Teasing His Return In Season 2?

Nuke in Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones has officially begun filming its second season this month, following the highly publicized production of The Defenders just recently. Right now, no concrete premiere date has been set, though, Marvel and Netflix have given it a mysterious 2018 tag as of right now. However, it looks like Jessica Jones season 2 may feature the return of one of season 1's most important players, with Nuke actor Will Traval taking teasing his possible involvement in the new season.

After initially beginning their run on Netflix in 2015, each of the heroes of Hell's Kitchen are currently preparing to begin teaming up sometime this year in The Defenders, but that's not the only Marvel and Netflix TV season that fans are looking particularly forward to.

That, of course, is the long-awaited second season of Jessica Jones, the most critically acclaimed out of the four Defenders shows, and which wrapped up its first season back near the end of 2015. Ever since, fans of the series have been asking when they can expect to see a follow-up season of the hit show, only to be met with mostly vague responses from those involved.

That all changed recently with the aforementioned start of production on season 2, which was quickly followed by Traval, who took to his Twitter account to tease his involvement and say the following:

Flying to #nyc tomorrow morning, can't wait to see old friends and get me a slice #pizza #NewYork #love

— Wil Traval (@WilTraval) April 4, 2017

Now, Will Simpson,  aka Nuke, was one of the more unexpected elements of Jessica Jones' first season. Originally used as just a pawn of The Purple Man (David Tennant), Simpson went on to have a romantic relationship with Jessica's best friend, Trish (Rachael Taylor), forcing his way into their operation to take The Purple Man down, before eventually succumbing to the strength-enhancing, psyche-altering pills he took near the end of the season. Most fans didn't even realize right away that he was the Nuke character from the comics until after the show had ended when Simpson had finally begun what looked to be his total transformation into the character.

Whether or not he will actually end up painting an American flag on his face and going totally crazy in the new season will have to wait to be seen, if he even is in the follow-up. After all, Traval is careful to not actually say he's shooting Jessica Jones, rather opting to just tease that he'll be reuniting with some old friends soon in New York City. The timing is just too coincidental to shrug away, however, and it'd likely be fair to say that Jessica Jones not bringing Nuke back for the new season would be strange, to say the least. His fate was left ambiguous for the most part, captured by the mysterious organization that gave him the pills in the first place and was last seen being taken away from Jessica's apartment in the season finale. Where exactly he goes from there will, for the time being, just have to wait to be seen.

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Jessica Jones season 2 is expected to air sometime 2018 and The Defenders will premiere summer 2017 on Netflix.

Source: Will Traval

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