'Jessica Jones' Showrunner Talks Character, Costumes & MCU Crossovers

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In the past week (at the time of writing this), we've gotten a more expansive look at plans for the Netflix corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Following the success of Daredevil season 1 on the streaming service, we got a firm confirmation that the second Marvel Netflix series, Jessica Jones is indeed coming in the fourth quarter of 2015.

As interest in Jessica Jones begins to mount, more and more details about the show are coming out. Today we hear from showrunner Melissa Rosenberg about costume plans for the show's heroine, the character arc she'll have, and where we might be seeing crossovers with other parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

For those who don't know, Jessica Jones follows the titular Marvel heroine, who used to be a full-fledged costumed superhero until she retired from duty following a disastrous event. The Netflix series follows the Marvel Comics lore of Jones coming out of retirement to work as a private investigator in Hell's Kitchen, while trying to overcome the deep traumas that knocked her out of the game.

AKA Jessica Jones - Alias cover

According to Melissa Rosenberg (via ET Online), even though the series picks up with Jones starting her private investigation service, we will get to see her as a full-on superhero (in two identities), complete with costumes. However, the typical female superhero look is something Rosenberg is not particularly interested in, saying that the show will "hit on" and "glance off" of Jones' days in costume (likely via flashback), but that won't be a focal point, at all. Rather, Rosenberg hopes that Jessica Jones will move things, “beyond female superheroes as they look good in a unitard.

While probably not well-known to general audiences, Jones is indeed a prime character for Marvel to build a strong female-led series on. She's charmingly vinegary, has deep and complex backstory and psychology, a strong nemesis (The Purple Man, played in the show by David Tenant), and is a super-powered badass, to boot. Given the ingredients being mixed into the show, it's likely we'll get a streamlined version of Jones' comic book origin, which includes connections to Spider-Man and Daredevil; the tragic death of her family; stumbling attempts at superheroism; a tragic time of being under the Purple Man's mind control; dealing with the trauma of what Purple Man made her do; and deep-seeded fear of what that loss of control could mean for her future.

Jessica Jones Purple Man set photos

That's a lot to cover and explore - and for some Marvel fans, having Twilight movie franchise writer Melissa Rosenberg orchestrating the series may not be reassuring. However, Rosenberg has plenty of history dealing with both deep and/or dark drama, as well as female character stories (Party of Five, Birds of Prey, Dexter),  and she seems to have a clear comprehension of how to attack this Jessica Jones series:

“She's funny! She's dark! She’s the real deal. She's utterly compelling, both the actress and the character. The first time I saw [Ritter] do drama was 'Breaking Bad.' And she was just a guest star. We pushed her to some really dark, emotional places, and she just keeps going there. She's got incredible range!”

“Our show has plenty of action, but it's not about the action. It's about the character, it's about her emotional arc. And she's not a ninja. She never studies martial arts. She's a brawler. You piss her off and boom! You're down! We're not seeing a whole lot of [mimics praying mantis]... Hiyah!”

"She's not out to save the city. She's out to make rent.”

Ritter (who also showed wittily-biting comedy chops in the short-lived series B*** in Apt. 23 ) is one of those talented character actresses who has been long in need of a proper vehicle. Jessica Jones sounds like about as good a fit as Boardwalk Empire star Charlie Cox turned out to be playing Matt Murdock Daredevil, which would mean another win for Marvel, Netflix, and best of all, the fanbase.

Daredevil Netflix Season 2 Rosario Dawson
'Daredevil' star Rosario Dawson will appear in Marvel's 'Jessica Jones'

Speaking of Daredevil, Rosenberg revealed that Jessica Jones will be getting some appearances from other MCU characters (like Mike Coulter's Luke Cage, who will thereafter get his own Netflix series) - including a familiar face from Daredevil:

“Smaller characters that populated that world will be popping in... “I think I'm allowed to say: Rosario Dawson will be dropping in."

Given the nature of Jones' work, it wouldn't be surprising if her vigilante, "Hiyah!" brawling put her (or an associate) in need of some healing from Dawson's off-the-books nurse, Claire Temple.

It is funny to hear Dawson's character getting such increased exposure; while based on Marvel Comics' Night Nurse, Dawson's character was purposefully changed from Linda Carter (Night Nurse's alter-ego) to "Claire Temple," so that Marvel can use Night Nurse in future movies. But hey, with so many superheroes roaming the streets of the MCU now, they probably need all the medical help they can get...

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Daredevil is currently available on Netflix. Jessica Jones premieres in Fall 2015, followed by Luke Cage and Daredevil season 2 in 2016.

Source: ET Online

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