Iron Fist & Jessica Jones Season 2 Artwork Unveiled by Joe Quesada

Marvel's Joe Quesada has unveiled stunning art created for Jessica Jones season 2 and Iron Fist season 2.

Once Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics, artist and writer Joe Quesada is now strongly associated with Marvel's TV shows. He's officially Marvel's Chief Creative Officer, responsible for ensuring all portrayals of Marvel characters remain true to their history and heritage. In 2016, Quesada began to pick up his pencils again to create unique art for the Marvel Netflix shows. To date, fans have seen Quesada art for Luke Cage season 1, The Defenders, and - earlier today - Daredevil season 3. Now, Quesada has unveiled more art on social media.

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Quesada's first piece is related to Jessica Jones season 2, and features Krysten Ritter's already-iconic portrayal of the character.

It's a creative approach, with the fractures across Jessica's face clearly indicating the extent of her psychological trauma. Jessica Jones season 2 will see the titular hero struggle to deal with her PTSD and anger management issues. Seeking closure, she'll begin digging into the secretive company IGH, who created the substance that gave Jessica her powers. IGH are unlikely to appreciate Jessica's investigation, so she's sure to wind up in the line of fire.

Quesada has taken a more traditional approach for Iron Fist season 2. He's created a stunning image of Finn Jones's iteration of the hero. The image is tremendously effective, clearly paying homage to both the original comics and the Marvel Netflix series. Fans will be intrigued, the colorscheme and general design seems to confirm rumors Jones will don a more comic-book-accurate outfit.

Amusingly enough, Quesada actually posted another image, and then had to swiftly take it down. It's likely this last one was related to Luke Cage season 2, also currently in production.

When Marvel and Netflix first entered into this productive partnership, the streaming giant only envisioned releasing two Marvel shows a year. That changed last year, when The Punisher became the third series to stream in 2017. It looks increasingly likely this year will follow suit, with Jessica JonesIron Fist, and Daredevil all expected to stream in 2018.

Each series faces its own unique challenges. For Jessica Jones, the question is whether or not the show can possibly live up to its much-loved first season. For Iron Fist, the sad truth is that the second season needs to redeem the series, which was heavily criticized by fans and critics alike. And for Daredevil, the real challenge will be continuing an ongoing arc that fans have come to love. That season seems to be loosely inspired by popular arcs such as "Born Again," and the pressure to get it right is intense.

Whatever the future may hold for the Marvel Netflix shows, it's clear that Quesada is still watching over them - and that more art is surely on the way.

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Jessica Jones season 2 premieres Thursday, March 8 on Netflix.

Source: Joe Qeusada

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