Jessica Jones #1 Preview: Jessica Goes to a Prison for Supervillains


It’s hard to believe that Jessica Jones has been out of print for ten years. The superhero super sleuth has used her street smarts to became one of Marvel’s hottest properties on Netflix. After facing down her some her many demons in season 1, Jones prepares to combat multiple foes in season 2, and join with Hell's Kitchen cohorts Luke Cage, Iron Fist, (perhaps also The Punisher?), and Daredevil in the first Marvel/Netflix team-up miniseries.

Before she can offer her services to Netflix's Defenders, though, the hesitant detective will get another run in the pages of Marvel. All-star creator Brian Michael Bendis puts his original team back together for the triumphant return of Marvel’s super-sleuth in Jessica Jones #1.

The first issue, featuring rich artwork from original artist Michael Gaydos and newcomer David Mack, will bring Ms. Jones’ investigative skills back into play within the Marvel Universe, uncovering more the shadowy world around her. Of course, it looks like the fringes of her life are about to catch up with her – landing her in The Cellar with the worst of the worst. Take a look at Marvel’s Jessica Jones #1 official synopsis, cover, variants, and original panels below:

That’s right, she’s back after a decade! This October, she returns to the fold for an all-new ongoing series as the highly anticipated JESSICA JONES #1 explodes onto the scene as part of Marvel NOW! From the original creative team of Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Gaydos and David Mack comes a brand new series that drags Jessica to the center of the Marvel Universe! There are still many secrets hiding in the shadows. Secrets only a special woman with talents like Jessica Jones can uncover. But when secrets from Jessica’s own past resurface, her caseload is about to get a whole lot heavier. Plus – just how did Jessica Jones wind up incarcerated in The Cellar – a prison designed to hold only the deadliest super villains? Find out in this blistering first issue when the eponymous heroine makes her triumphant return to comics in JESSICA JONES #1 – on-sale this October!


It looks like Bendis and co. are bringing Jessica Jones back to her gritty roots for the next round of adventures. How she wound up inside a prison meant for super villains, as well as who set her free, is a fantastic mystery intro to a comic which thrives on the interplay of light and darkness. It will also be interesting to see whether her latest round of adventures and misadventures will touch upon earlier storylines from Alias, and which of her famous friends (as teased with by the Black Panther variant cover) will make an appearance.

Jones’ original story from Alias saw her coming into her own following a run-of-the-mill life as the superhero Jewel. Only after her encounter, and subsequent mental trauma from Kilgrave, was she able to define herself as an investigator and journalist among the field of superheroes. Since her second series, Pulse, ended in 2006, the character was mostly relegated to recurring role as an Avenger and exploring life as superhero wife and mother – at least until her Netflix series gave her a starring turn. However, it looks like Jessica Jones is revisiting her Alias Detective Agency roots for her latest run, as explored in Alias, Pulse, and on her Netflix series.


Although Marvel has always added depth to their superheroes via imperfections, creating role models doesn’t always allow for the realism Netflix’s Defenders TV shows bring to their characters. Exploring Jessica Jones' complex personal life gives fans an alternate slice of comic book life and makes for rich reading and viewing experiences. After her success online, it’s great to see Jessica get another run in the pages of Marvel – especially since it’s a long ways until season 2 airs in 2018. It will be fun to see what trouble she gets herself into, and how she manages to succeed despite the odds.

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Jessica Jones #1 arrives in stores and online on October 12, 2016.

Source: Marvel

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