The Body Count of Jessica Jones

Warning: SPOILERS below for Jessica Jones Season 2:


The titular heroine of Marvel's Jessica Jones does her best to help people in need in her work as a private investigator and reluctant superpowered vigilante, but unfortunately, she has also taken a few lives as well.

Jessica is eternally nursing (and self-medicating through excessive drinking) her multiple traumas from surviving the car accident that killed her family and the experience of being sexually violated and controlled by the telepathic Kilgrave prior to the events of season 1. In addition, Kilgrave has forced her to kill, which traumatized Jessica even further. Jessica spends a portion of season 2 trying to reconcile whether she herself is truly a killer, and the cycle of violence she finds herself caught in forces her hand once again.

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In season 2, the revelation that Jessica's mother Alisa Jones is not only alive but also possesses superpowers causes Jessica to re-examine everything about herself. This includes how far she is willing to go to protect her only living biological family member, even though Alisa is prone to rage-fueled murderous rampages and targets Jessica's adoptive sister Trish Walker. Jessica's mother is a killer, but unfortunately, like-mother-like-daughter, albeit reluctantly.

Here are the people whose lives Jessica Jones has taken:

Reva Connors

Reva Connors, Luke Cage's wife, is murdered by a mind-controlled Jessica Jones in AKA It's Called Whiskey

Reva Connors was the wife of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones' occasional partner-in-crime-fighting as part of the Defenders. She was a counselor at Seagate Prison, where Cage was incarcerated under his real name, Carl Lucas. Reva helped Luke rebuild his life after he received super-strength and unbreakable skin via illegal experiments prior to his escape from prison.

Upon gaining possession of a USB stick containing footage of the abusive experiments Kilgrave's parents put him through as a boy, Reva hid the footage in a locked box and buried it. Somehow, Kilgrave discovered the existence of the USB stick. By this time, the insane telepath had already met Jessica Jones and had her in his thrall. On January 20, 2014, Kilgrave used his powers to force Jessica to dig up the box. He then made Jessica punch Reva in the torso hard enough to fling her into the street and into the path of an approaching bus, which crashed. Reva's death was blamed on the bus accident, but in reality, it was the blow from Jessica Jones that killed Reva Connors. Kilgrave accepted no blame for Reva's death, claiming that his command was for Jessica to "take care" of Reva and that Jessica herself made the choice to deliver a killing blow.

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The cat-and-mouse game Kilgrave, who was believed dead, played with Jessica Jones is the story of the series' first season. Kilgrave, whose real name is Kevin Thompson, was a psychotic manipulator with the ability to mentally influence anyone to do his bidding through verbal commands, via an airborne virus he emits through micro-particles. Jessica was finally forced to execute Kilgrave after he kidnapped and threatened to rape and control Trish Walker for the rest of her life. Jessica snapped Kilgrave's neck, killing him at last. However, a part of Kilgrave's influence remains within Jessica's psyche. Kilgrave returned in season 2 to torment Jessica about being a killer.

Dale Holiday

In the season 2 episode "AKA Pork Chop", Jessica was forced to kill for the third time. By then, her mother Alisa had been incarcerated and was being abused in her cell by a corrupt prison guard named Dale Holiday. Upon discovering the guard had a history of abuse that led to prison suicides, Jessica tailed Dale to his home, broke in and found patches of prison numbers from the dead inmates - trophies Holiday kept of the suicides he caused. Dale attacked Jessica and sprayed her in the eyes with pepper spray, claiming his killing her would be self-defense. Despite being blinded, Jessica took away his club and struck Dale in the head, killing him. Jessica then "scrubbed" the apartment clean, wrote a suicide note, and dropped Holiday's corpse off of his own roof, making it look like the prison guard took his own life, to the delight of Kilgrave's ghost egging her on.

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